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Open Minded Traveler

Expat Lifestyle | Colombia | Coffee Axis | Travel | Expat Cooking | Expat Parenting | Regional Culture, History & Tradition

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Wild Asturias

Exploring Asturias and the Picos de Europa National Park. Our quest to discover the beaches, mountains, rivers, forests and wildlife of 'Green Spain'.
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Mr. Smith Goes to Kathmandu

My blog comprises of my thoughts and adventures in and around the country of Nepal. We are always looking for good food, good friends and great adventures!
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Butler et Fils, Inc.

Rediscovering Life on the Western Coast of France
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Trekking with Becky

I blog about living in Japan and my travels. Don't miss Expat Tuesday and Photo Friday! :D
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Adventures in a Tuk-Tuk

A blog about an expat's perspective on living in Sri Lanka; embracing new cultural experiences and adventurous travels around the island.
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Le avventure di Lucia

Parlo di viaggi e do consigli su come risparmiare soldi
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Ozawapi in Southeast Asia

We are Florine and Simon, world wanderers and curious photography amateurs. We love to explore new places and share what we find with our friends and all. We're...
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Wandering Duchess

Welcome to the blog of an American expat who peace’d out of Pennsylvania to have a go at expatriate life in Dubai, UAE. Here you’ll find musings &...
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Thib in S'pore

Blog et carnets de voyages en Asie du Sud-Est et ailleurs (Thailande, Malaisie, Indonésie, Philippines, Laos, Cambodge, Vietnam, Chine, Inde, Australie...)
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portogallo centrale blog

Two bloggers coming to terms to living in Portugal, sharing info with travellers and would-be expats. Posts range from history and architecture, to traditional...
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Portugal Property Portal

News and reviews about life in the Algarve! We cover topics such as gourmet restaurants, local attractions and activities. These include boat tours, historical...
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Expat with kids in Dublin

Expat housewife - two very young children - in Ireland since 2007. I absolutely love this place, but after five years living here, my most repeated questions...
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Camel Channel

Erfahrungen und Erlebnisse mit Kamelen (Camelus dromedarus)
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Dabbling in Jet Lag

Dabbling in Jet Lag is an adventure travel and photography blog. I write about overcoming fears, accomplishing goals, and finding happiness. I use my writing to...
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