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Smart Travels

A British expat living on Reunion Island (a French overseas department in the SW Indian Ocean) for many years; I also lived in South Korea 2008-2011 and...
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Inde3: 1 famille, 2 cultures, 3 ans

Bérangère et Thibaud (et leurs 3 enfants) racontent leurs aventures à Bangalore, ville située au Sud de l'Inde et capitale du Karnataka.
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Lost in Stockholm

Musing, insults, and opinions about dating Swedish men (and women), living in Stockholm, and learning about Swedish culture.
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Culture Shock

My blog is about living as an expat in Norway and my travels around the world.
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In questo blog racconto della mia vita e delle avventure quotidiane che devo affrontare in india.
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Inde 2009 - Calcutta

Vie quotidienne d'un français à Calcutta, découverte de la culture indienne d'aujourd'hui, que je confronte avec les idées reçues que l'on a de l'Inde.
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a little bird on the windowsill of bombay

my observations on the maximum city
[Hits: 148 - Added: 29-12-10]


Life with hubby

I am an Indian woman and married to a Japanese person. My blog talks about the everyday life of an Indian having a Japanese family.
[Hits: 143 - Added: 14-02-09]


Life & Lentils

I am an Australian who has been living in Delhi for the past 2 years. I keep a regular blog about my observations and experiences of life in Delhi and travels...
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In love with India...

My life as expat in Delhi, exchange student at IIM Bangalore, background artist in Hyderabad, and so much more! Mix of personal experiences, advices,...
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Dans ce blog nous essayons de raconter et d'expliquer l'Inde, pays aussi paradoxal que fascinant. Le contenu est très varié : films, livres, histoire, vie...
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My blog is an opened door to my small world and whoever wants to enter is welcome!" I started my blog when I went to work in Spain because I wanted my...
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Il mondo è un posto bizzarro, pieno di stranezze.
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Asia blog

In questo blog oltre che di Asia, Italia e Temi Globali, si parla anche di Viaggi, Vita, Storia, Poesia, Religione e Laicismo. A volte e’ stato abbandonato...
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i cerruti in India si trasferiscono negli States

our life around the world, our way to discover new cultures, after Europe and Asia we are now in US and we are happy!!
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