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Smart Travels

A British expat living on Reunion Island (a French overseas department in the SW Indian Ocean) for many years; I also lived in South Korea 2008-2011 and...
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Inde3: 1 famille, 2 cultures, 3 ans

Bérangère et Thibaud (et leurs 3 enfants) racontent leurs aventures à Bangalore, ville située au Sud de l'Inde et capitale du Karnataka.
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Lost in Stockholm

Musing, insults, and opinions about dating Swedish men (and women), living in Stockholm, and learning about Swedish culture.
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Culture Shock

My blog is about living as an expat in Norway and my travels around the world.
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In questo blog racconto della mia vita e delle avventure quotidiane che devo affrontare in india.
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Inde 2009 - Calcutta

Vie quotidienne d'un français à Calcutta, découverte de la culture indienne d'aujourd'hui, que je confronte avec les idées reçues que l'on a de l'Inde.
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a little bird on the windowsill of bombay

my observations on the maximum city
[Hits: 156 - Added: 29-12-10]


Life with hubby

I am an Indian woman and married to a Japanese person. My blog talks about the everyday life of an Indian having a Japanese family.
[Hits: 145 - Added: 14-02-09]


Life & Lentils

I am an Australian who has been living in Delhi for the past 2 years. I keep a regular blog about my observations and experiences of life in Delhi and travels...
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In love with India...

My life as expat in Delhi, exchange student at IIM Bangalore, background artist in Hyderabad, and so much more! Mix of personal experiences, advices,...
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Dans ce blog nous essayons de raconter et d'expliquer l'Inde, pays aussi paradoxal que fascinant. Le contenu est très varié : films, livres, histoire, vie...
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My blog is an opened door to my small world and whoever wants to enter is welcome!" I started my blog when I went to work in Spain because I wanted my...
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Our blog is about our experiences and adventures living abroad. We try to share in words and photographs everything we see and experience.
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Il mondo è un posto bizzarro, pieno di stranezze.
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Asia blog

In questo blog oltre che di Asia, Italia e Temi Globali, si parla anche di Viaggi, Vita, Storia, Poesia, Religione e Laicismo. A volte e’ stato abbandonato...
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