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Hot Pot

I’m Dani, I write, I take photos, I like to cook and I like to travel. I’m a Mama to a little man named Will and the partner in crime to my husband and...
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Travel China Cheaper

For those preparing to travel to China, this blog provides all the information you'll need. Learn how to get a visa, stay connected with your phone in China,...
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Tai Tai in Shanghai

My blog is about our move to Shanghai, China with three children (13, 10 & 7) I believe the correct term is “trailing spouse” but the word trailing...
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Selly's Little World

I blog about whatever comes to mind. Amongst that are things like my Chinese boyfriend, dumplings, learning Chinese, and other weird endeavours and adventures...
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Going Dutch in China

Just another guy. Have lived in China since 2007. Worked in Ireland at Yahoo! before that. Living in China has not always been easy but it's getting to be...
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An American in Asia

Photos and stories of my life as an American expat in Shanghai
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Marta lives in China

Daily life in China, travel around Asia and intercultural relationships.
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Sky as a kite (Tine's Blog)

This is where I blog about my daily misadventures here in Reykjavík, where I'm currently working as a physiotherapist.
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China elevator stories

Except for sharing some of my travel stories, I also want to share little everyday conversations with you. Although sometimes really short, these conversations...
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Ruined for Life

The musings of an expat in Jinan, the heart of China. There's a bit of everything from restaurant reviews to travel to book reviews, to rants and raves.
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Manman Lai / Simple Living China

At the beginning of 2012 we gave up our house, car, good jobs and pretty much everything we own and moved to China. This blog is our story. We now live in...
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Two Americans in China

My blog is about...a little of everything. My own experiences, news, opinions, life in Shenzhen, whatever I want to talk about really.
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This blog realy helpt me when I first came to Chengdu! It has all kinds of information that helps you get around in Chengdu. It realy helps to make you live...
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Four Seas One Family

A blog and podcast that helps an expat explore language, lifestyle and culture while living abroad. Expat explorer James Thomas shares his thoughts about trends...
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Job im Ausland

Ratgeber für Expats und Auslandsdeutsche
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