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Bonjour Amsterdam

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les bonnes adresses à Amsterdam? Ce blog est un véritable guide pour voyager à Amsterdam et ne rien rater de cette ville...
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Falling Off Bicycles

Thoughts on living abroad and creating a life you love. Plus prints, stretched canvases, and frameable notecards of Europe photos for purchase.
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103 Weeks

Observations, thoughts, experiences and photographs from an American expat living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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travel with clara

Bienvenue sur mon blog d'expat à Amsterdam, j'ai créé ce blog pour aider les francophones à mieux découvrir Amsterdam et à mieux préparer leurs arrivées...
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me in Amsterdam

Blog d'un français expatrié à Amsterdam. Culture et découverte d'Amsterdam, de la Hollande et des Pays-Bas. Couvre les habitudes des habitants et les sujets...
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AmsterDive is a project with a very personal accent as it explores my own relashionship with Amsterdam – and The Netherlands, and everything in them i feel...
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Maastricht Minutiae

Maastricht Minutiae was born from my desire to share our experience with friends and family and my perceived lack of support in the Maastricht region for...
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A Wanderlust For Life

A Wanderlust For Life is a blog filled with travel tips, real expat life talk, fun festivals, delicious adventures, and other travel experiences.
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As Soup As Possible

As Soup As Possible is a blog based on soup as a metaphor of cosiness, nutritiousness and sharing.
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I blog about my life in Amsterdam: the places I go and see, the people I meet and love, the things I create, wish for or buy. I write down all the thoughts I...
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25 Weekends in and ut of Jozi

In this blog, I share many of the places we have visited and the stuff we have done in and out of the beautiful, vibrant city of Johannesburg.
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Baby The Great

A New Amsterdammer (read: I'm from NYC) living in (old) Amsterdam w my husband, our son and cat. I talk about motherhood and expat life and tons of other things...
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Adventures in the Nether Regions

My adventures living in the Netherlands - places I go, mistakes I make, weird foods I attempt to eat. Words I mis-pronounce
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El Inmigrante

This blog is a place to share experiences and opinions, to talk about culture shock or differences and to find a way to cope with this adventure.
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Karlisworld is gay travel blog of a german-dutch adventures gay couple discovering the Netherlands & the world.
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