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From France to Moscow with love: récits et galères

Ce blog n'est qu'une goutte d'eau dans un océan d'autres blogs, mais il relatera du mieux possible un ressenti personnel, et un partage d'information et...
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One American in Sweden

For one year, follow an American women through daily life in Stockholm, Sweden. She'll give her unwarranted opinions, insights and observations, though not...
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Adventures in Expat Land

Living abroad and sharing the good, less good and the just plain odd. Writer/expat chronicling the crosscultural twists and turns of living overseas. It...
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Australia no es país para viejos

Bienvenido al diario de una española que hizo posible su sueño de viajar a la aventura hacia otro continente - Australia. Con la ciudad de Brisbane como...
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A Humorous Guide to Switzerland

A blog about life in Switzerland and all things Swiss with a special focus on Swiss language and Swiss food.
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Desperate housewives in Singapore

"Singapore? Ma dov'e' in Cina? Cannot direbbe un singaporeano! Questo blog e’ per raccontare di un piccolo posto sperduto in fondo all’Asia che, con...
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63gradi49' latitudine nord

More or less humorous description of living in the very Northern Sweden as Italian, with a Swedish mate (the Viking) and a bi-cultural toddler (the Half-Viking)...
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Categoría: Vida de expatriado


Memoirs From Morocco

My blog is a bedazzlement of my day-to-day adventures and how I manage to keep (barely) sane in this crazy country! I see the most outrageous things sometimes...
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Buena onda en Buenos Aires

Bonjour ! Je suis Karine, j'ai 23 ans et je suis originaire du Sud de la France. Dans le cadre de mes études, je suis actuellement à Buenos Aires depuis...
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Life & Lentils

I am an Australian who has been living in Delhi for the past 2 years. I keep a regular blog about my observations and experiences of life in Delhi and travels...
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4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

Kirsty is an Australian writer and Blogger currently living in Qatar. After calling 7 countries home over the past 11 years she's embarrassed to admit she still...
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Como llegar a holanda y no perderse por el camino

Guias para residentes, viajeros, o simplemente curiosos. Mezclamos curiosidades con guias útiles sobre como desenvolverse en este pais, intentando dos cosas,...
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Irish Eyes On Cairo

I am an Irish expat with a husband, three kids and an ancient dog trying very hard not to be " a lady who lunches" This blog details my everyday...
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Gata entre Vikingos

Los avatares de una "gata" por "integrarse sin desintegrarse" en el mundo vikingo.
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defining moves of the trailing spouse

Information, inspiration, checklists, step-by-step guides, timelines, advice and humor from trailing spouses, accompanying partners, expats and locals from...
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Categoría: Vida de expatriado


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