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filippine : ora vivo qui !

ho cominciato a scriverlo per trasmettere la mia esperienza a tutti coloro che hanno intenzione di compiere lo stesso passo. Parlo di problemi pratici e...
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Categoría: Vida de expatriado


AbuPhampi: Beduins d'aigua dolça

Informacion de primera mano de un expatriado hispanohablante. Un ingeniero que vive en Abu Dhabi cuenta todo tipo de cuestiones relacionadas con la cultura,...
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Dall'Arabia Saudita al Peru dopo vario peregrinare per il mondo! fotografo e racconto di tutto un pò, volete seguirmi nelle mie avventure?!
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Adventures in Expat Land

Living abroad and sharing the good, less good and the just plain odd. Writer/expat chronicling the crosscultural twists and turns of living overseas. It...
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Nella Terra Di Sandokan

Sito italiano sulla Malesia, per expat e viaggiatori, con articoli e notizie per la comunità italiana in Malesia, informazioni di viaggio, approfondimenti...
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Burnt by the Tuscan Sun

An American living in Italy takes off her rose-colored glasses to reveal what life is really like through the trials & tribulations of daily living in the...
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Notes from Noumea

On the 6th February 2015, my partner Phil and I jumped on a plane, swapping our hectic London lives for a new adventure on the sub-tropical French island of...
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American Russia Observations

I write about the challenging life of an American expat that retires to St. Petersburg. Cultural contrast, our daily life, and expat cooking are topics.
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C'est La Vie...And Now in Cameroon

A personal travel blog capturing my domestic and international cultural experiences culminating in service with the United States Peace Corps in Cameroon
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63gradi49' latitudine nord

More or less humorous description of living in the very Northern Sweden as Italian, with a Swedish mate (the Viking) and a bi-cultural toddler (the Half-Viking)...
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Categoría: Vida de expatriado


Franz io ti amo

Storie e tendenze tra Italia e Germania. Cibo, design, locali, musica, melting pot e sopravvivenza.
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My views of New Zealand

The ramblings of a mad woman who was transported to a new country via the internet. This is the story of her journey outside her comfort zone in the US Midwest...
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Categoría: Vida de expatriado


Philippines : now I live here !

wants to be a meeting point for those who have in mind what they want to do but don't know what they are up against in doing so, I want to provide my experience...
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Categoría: Vida de expatriado


Everybody Knows This is Norway

Noting differences in attitudes toward school, parenting, cultural differences in general, struggles, language, music and anything really!
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Diari Africani

Racconti semiseri su viaggi, avventure, quotidianità, politica, cultura e società della mia esperienza in Costa d'Avorio
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