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At the time of starting, the repat is in between countries. The decision has been made: She is leaving her temporary-for-10-years country...
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The Dubious Hausfrau

My blog started after I left a job I had for about 3 years. I was a burnt out fundraising professional looking to recapture what made me happy. I was trying to...
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WanderLusting Dreams

Retirement is the perfect time to fulfil youthful dreams of living in Europe. This blog is about growing older in unusual circumstances, freely chosen, away...
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Viviendo en el Extranjero

El blog nace de la idea de compartir las experiencias y aprendizajes que he adquirido en los años que llevo viviendo en el extranjero. Nunca es fácil dejar la...
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PCV Georgia

A young Connecticut woman with dreams of becoming a Peace Corp Volunteer as long as she can recall. The idea of serving her country in a different capacity...
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Live Less Ordinary

Live Less Ordinary is the personal blog of Allan Wilson and his wife Fanfan Narach who in 2013 married in Ubud Bali. They are co-creators of Boutique Bangkok a...
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The Expat Almanac

The Expat Almanac is the saga of two people well into their second fifty years of life, who have abandoned everything familiar and comfortable, who have packed...
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basic bon vivant

Basic Bon Vivant chronicles the adventures (and misadventures) of an American expat living in London.
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Transitions commence new adventures. Make 'em last...
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Ten Thousand Strangers

A personal and travel blog featuring people I've met, places I've been to, and the countless anecdotes and narratives from the road. The "In Transit"...
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Random musings in unfamiliar surroundings. Having plunged head-first into the Wonderful World of America, a European reflects on life in the US.
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Western New Yorker

This website provides global insight into saving money and creative ways of taking simple household items and turning them into innovative designs and ideas. I...
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Bruselas Exposure

Blog sobre la vida en Bruselas y Bélgica. Planes con niños, excursiones, agenda, viajes, turismo, Expat, familia.
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