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Cotacachi Living

Information about moving to and living the good life in Cotacachi, Ecuador.
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Bryan & Dena Haines sold their ad agency, their home and everything but a couple bags of luggage to move to South America. GringosAbroad is a collection of...
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Imagine ~ Intend ~ Create

Edd and Cynthia Staton are expert exparts, best-selling authors, and creators of a Master Course called Retirement Reimagined! Our blog is intended to inspire,...
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Eyes Wide Open (Una aventura americana)

Blog que reúne el amor por la naturaleza, la pasión por viajar y la fascinación por lo desconocido de una española viviendo temporalmente en Estados Unidos....
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Paul Acee's Ecuador

My life in Cuenca, Ecuador as a retired expat from Fort Worth, Texas.
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EcuAdore: Journal from the Centre of the Earth

English writer living and travelling in Ecuador - exploring the best food and fiestas from the middle of the world
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Our Road to the Gentle Island and Beyond

Follow our journey from the metropolitan city of Vancouver, Canada to Prince Edward Island and on to South America.
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Scribbler in Seville

Living in Spain's most romantic city: an inside view of tapas, history, fiestas, architecture and fashion in Seville. A British expat mother's take on adapting...
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The Bucketlist

Resources about Ecuador for the savvy traveller. What´s on your bucketlist for Ecuador?
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Our family of 4 moved to Manta, Ecuador from South Lake Tahoe, California. We have lived here for 5 years and have gone through many wonderful adventures.
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Travelling to differnent countries- Italy, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico....- for 1 year trying to find the best place to settle down.Have now settled in Salinas,...
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The Yes Effect

This is a blog about saying YES to life. It starts with my saying YES to our new adventure: moving to Cuenca, Ecuador written from the perspective of my dog,...
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Jro's World travel blog

The blog, photo gallery and hostel review of one mans attempt to see... everything.
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Latitude Ecuador

Living and travelling in Ecuador and other destinations.
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Living abroad blog from the perspective of 4 mexican friends living in United States, Canada, France and Australia, our reason to go abroad: we fell in love
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