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J'ai quitté Paris pour les beaux yeux d'un charmant suisse. Dès mon arrivée à Zurich, j'ai ouvert ce blog pour partager mes découvertes et pouvoir me...
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From Paris to Zurich

Sur ce blog je décris la découverte de notre nouveau pays et l'expérience de l'expatriation par toute la famille!
[Hits: 387 - Added: 19-01-17]


A Humorous Guide to Switzerland

A blog about life in Switzerland and all things Swiss with a special focus on Swiss language and Swiss food.
[Hits: 243 - Added: 20-12-11]


Newly Swissed Online Magazine

Newly Swissed is the online magazine about Switzerland. We cover lifestyle topics related to culture, design, events, oddities and tourism -...
[Hits: 186 - Added: 01-02-11]


The Real Housewife of Zurich

The Mishaps & Sarcasm of an American Hausfrau in Switzerland. Transitioning from American career woman to Swiss housewife... errr... Hausfrau... and all the...
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Carnet d'escapades

Française expatriée à Zürich depuis fin 2011, j'aime partager mes escapades dans ce beau pays qu'est la Suisse, ainsi que mes voyages en...
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Some steps away

Sans jamais avoir appris l'allemand, je me suis pourtant retrouvée expatriée à Zürich pendant plus d'un an, cette drôle d'expérience m'a donné envie de...
[Hits: 109 - Added: 11-10-12]


desde zurich con amor

una vision particular de mi estancia de expatriada
[Hits: 94 - Added: 06-11-13]

Category: Entertainment



I’m Allison, an American freelance creative director and designer living in Zurich, Switzerland with my German husband.
[Hits: 57 - Added: 11-04-15]


Finding Heidi

The adventures of a portuguese in Switzerland. I write about my life abroad and my travelling in and around Switzerland.
[Hits: 50 - Added: 17-02-16]


Our Swiss Adventure

After years of dreaming of living abroad, we've finally arrived in Zurich, Switzerland! Join as we leave the Big Apple, adapt to Swiss life, and explore all...
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Category: Expat life


Globetrotting in Heels

A cocktail of travel chronicles, expat experiences, fashion & shopping, humor, family and just random bits.
[Hits: 46 - Added: 26-06-12]


Made in Suisse

I am a French scientist in her mid-twenties who has recently moved to Switzerland after eight years spent in Scotland. I live on the shores of lake Zürich in a...
[Hits: 45 - Added: 27-08-11]

Category: Expat life


Going American

Look into the daily life and the adventures of a Swiss girl that has moved to Boston, Massachusetts.
[Hits: 27 - Added: 04-12-16]

Category: Expat life


This Off Script Life

I am an American screenwriter and lawyer living in Zurich, Switzerland. My favorite things include traveling, experiencing new places through food, a good cup...
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