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The Chic Adventurer

A travel blog focusing on finding chic experiences in unexpected places.
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Here is Havana

Written by the gringa next door, Here is Havana conspires to give you a dose of what life is really like across the Straits.
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Little Pieces of Light

Things to do on the French Riviera, including local events, day trips, and sightseeing landmarks.
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The Sweet Bag of the Bee

Writer Persephone Abbott posts one topic per week on her blog, usually something to do with the arts or humor. Occasionally she gets poetic about life in...
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The Skaian Gates

An expat alone
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The Passport Lifestyle

A travel, photography, and style blog with an emphasis upon Tokyo and Japan.
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Sarepa is a travel blog all about living in and travelling to Colombia from the perspective of a solo female traveller (me!) from Australia.
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This Off Script Life

I am an American screenwriter and lawyer living in Zurich, Switzerland. My favorite things include traveling, experiencing new places through food, a good cup...
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My journey and experiences in being an expat in Sweden. Focusing also on art, design and culture.
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Flavors of Bogota

Flavors of Bogota is the chronicle of my discoveries here in Bogota and Latin America in general. As a food and travel writer, I’m always meeting chefs,...
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The Other Europe

I'm a writer and teacher searching for glimpses of the Europe that tourists rarely see. I aim for interesting, narrative-driven posts, concise news items, and...
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Moving to Portugal? Looking for work?

Moving to Portugal, CV writing Services, translation from English to Portuguese, Lands for sale, Portugal.
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Geneva Family Diaries

Follow my family’s adventures as we find our “expatriate feet” in the land of Cheese, Chocolate & Cuckoo Clocks
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Manman Lai / Simple Living China

At the beginning of 2012 we gave up our house, car, good jobs and pretty much everything we own and moved to China. This blog is our story. We now live in...
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A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

"Inside the looking glass, the reality may not be hell, but it sure isn't heaven either. Hockey wives are wives and mothers like anyone else. But married...
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