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Native Foreigner

Native Foreigner is a quarterly magazine and blog for travelers returning from a long-term trip abroad and who are dealing with reverse culture shock. Travelers...
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Category: Expat life


Oui In France: Musings on life in France

Oui In France was inspired by my dog, Dagny, who has been my rock on this crazy journey. You’ll find a little bit of everything here including info on France,...
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Leave Your Daily Hell

More than 20,000 travelers per month click to Leave Your Daily Hell for practical travel advice, inspirational travel essays and comprehensive destination...
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Ways of Wanderers

Jessica is a roaming expat and budget traveler who currently lives in Asia. Her blog provides travel tips and inspiration for anyone and everyone who has ever...
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Tokyo Direct Diary

A blog of Tokyo Direct Guide, #1 User-Friendly travel guide for international travelers.
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Nihon Scope

Learn more about Japan as a traveler, worker or student. My wife and I have created this blog to help you reach the best information regarding Japan when it...
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Serendipitous Adventurer

Follow the journey of a 20 something serial expat, part time teacher, full time artist, traveler, food enthusiast and blogger
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Watch Me Wander

Watch Me Wander was created by a team of two experienced travelers. The site is dedicated to helping future travelers find their way, as well as documenting...
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Charmingmarie is an expat blog that provides tips and advice for Americans who have made the move from the United States to Europe. Content featured is...
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Category: Expat life


Correr Es Mi Destino

Stories from a French woman who moved to English Canada, with immigration tips, photos, Canadian culture, politics and travels.
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World Traveler In Training

My blog, World Traveler in Training, is in many ways my travel journal. I love writing about and posting photos of places I've visited, but I also include the...
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Whole-hearted Traveler

My blog doesn't focus on a specific region but adjusting to living in a new culture and living a well-balanced life.
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Category: Expat life


Your Move

My blog focuses on expat travel, mostly between the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, round the world travel tips and how global news events affect...
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Mo Travels

Globetrotting wife and mom wants to travel the world, and run it to. A blog about my journey as a mother, expat, runner and traveler.
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Love A Traveler

Falling in love with the world. I aim for the solo female traveler and any traveler who was made to explore our beautiful world. Travel news, travel thoughts,...
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