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Au Vent Mauvais - A Traveler in Residence

“A Traveler in Residence” è un’immagine presa in prestito dalla scrittrice irlandese Maeve Brennan. Racchiude insieme i viaggi, l’idea di casa, la...
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The Gypsy Soul Diaries

The Gypsy Soul Diaries is a blog about my travel escapades and my life as an expat in Suriname which comprises my long-time attempt to speak Dutch. Living...
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Expat slow life in India is a blog for people interested in India's non-commercial issues, expat life, day-to-day intercultural family life, people who are against...
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Life After TEFL Worldwide Prague

These 4 individuals all started their teaching and traveling abroad journey in the same place: at TEFL Worldwide Prague. Here, they underwent an intense, 4-week...
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The GRRRL Traveler pens everything from her travels (tips, insights, woes and inspirational humor), her work in reality TV and her life as an expat living in...
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Misadventures of a Clueless Traveler

An American expat that left a job at an amazing DC law firm to come teach English in rural South Korea... I'm a clueless traveler and have had countless...
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Category: Expat life


Wandering Circles

A couple of American expats in Amman, exploring the food, culture and outdoors in Amman
[Hits: 37 - Added: 07-01-16]


Chalk and Cheese: Our experiences as au pair

Due ragazze italiane molto diverse che vogliono raccontare le loro avventure a dare tutti i consigli e le informazioni che non trovi sul web subito dopo la tua...
[Hits: 37 - Added: 07-04-14]


Grounded Traveler

An American in Germany writing about the expat lifestyle. Get beyond the glamour and read about daily life in Western Europe — the demands, challenges and...
[Hits: 34 - Added: 06-01-11]


Rick's Rome

Help and advice for expats and travelers in Rome. Also, I help those who are interested in teaching English as a foreign language.
[Hits: 34 - Added: 12-11-12]


The Ruby Ronin

I write about the happenings of China and Japan, the stumbles in language learning, my adventures in dating in Asia and the trials and tribulations of a...
[Hits: 31 - Added: 22-12-14]


Southeast Schnitzel

Interpreting German-American differences in the Tennessee Valley and beyond
[Hits: 30 - Added: 09-01-13]


Here We Go Again!

A travel lifestyle blog
[Hits: 28 - Added: 22-06-15]


Nomad Revelations

Nomad Revelations - Travel Blog, is an archive of 15 years of travel experiences, exotic narratives & adventure chronicles to inspire independent travelers.
[Hits: 27 - Added: 07-12-14]


Expat: Live From Japan

Expat: Live From Japan is a collection of my thoughts, observations, rants & raves about life, travel, and surf in Japan.
[Hits: 25 - Added: 21-07-16]


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