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Away with Lily

I'm Lily! I left London to teach in South Korea. When I'm not teaching my cheeky bunch of kindergartners, I'm traveling and exploring the world - sometimes, I...
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Creative Fires Studio

What are the qualities of an Expat? Flexibility, openness, resilience, resourcefulness, humor and a strong sense of self and adventure?! Oh, and being OK with...
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Harlow Adventure

My experiences living in Saudi Arabia and traveling abroad with our little family. The adventure is a crazy one with lots of ups and downs as we try to adjust...
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Raising TCKs is an online community for parents raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs). Raising kids isn’t always so easy. Raising kids in a culture other than our...
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Category: Expat life


A Glance (from the Thai-Burma border)

A view from the Thai-Burma border and a look into the situation of displaced persons.
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I'm "expat-since-birth" because ex-patria (“out of the home country”) since birth.
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The Purple Backpack

A blog about my adventures living and working in Spain, as well as my travels around Europe.
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Sauteed Happy Family

We're a young, fun couple writing about our wild adventures teaching and living in Korea... featuring our cute cat, Chulmu! If you enjoy Engrish, adorable kids,...
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Teaching, Traveling, Writing

An American girl living in Indonesia, I am an expat teaching at an international school, traveling in every spare minute, and writing about the experience of...
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LA girl in a Thai world

Stories, adventures and musings while teaching English in a small Northern town in Thailand. From the mundane daily life details to profound life lessons. ...
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Being in Awe, while traveling together

Travel blog of mid-life runaways featuring adventures stories, advice, destination tips, travel resources, videos and photos for those seeking to see the world.
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Peace Love Kimchi

My name is Tara and I have always had an urge to travel and see the world. I am currently on an adventure with my husband, John and my two pomeranians, Milo &...
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Her Travels

My daily life in korea
[Hits: 18 - Added: 10-01-15]


My Life in Words

It's my life - Sometimes up, sometimes down, but mostly sideways.
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Category: Expat life


Everywhere To Be Found

Living abroad in rural Japan while teaching English and now working towards teaching in an international school!
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