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Runaway Bunny (in Seoul)

Alana Gidycz is a pastry chef taking a sabbatical while her husband works for The Man in Seoul, South Korea. She believes in obsessive cultural exploration...
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Reverse Immigration

Metaphorical travel diaries and unsubstantiated social commentary, from the USA to HK
[Hits: 28 - Added: 20-11-09]


From Pennies to Yennies

A blog updated 3-4 times/ week chronicling my job, half marathon training/ weight loss (1/3 of the way to losing 60lbs!), tsunami volunteering, getting around...
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Diary of a Serial Expat

A travel blog for expat to Libya mainly but also the UK and Tunisia. I blog about real life matters and have tips to get an ESL job abroad.
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MR E in Singapore

A teacher from England, Mr E moved to work in Singapore in August 2014. What's it like to teach here? What's it like to live here? Read on for the REAL...
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thisgirlabroad: Welcome to my expat and travel adventur

This girl is a Canadian living and working in Hong Kong. Here you'll find some of her day-to-day curious, bizarre, and funny encounters. Welcome to life as an...
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Laugh Anyway

We blog about food, travel, fashion and daily life abroad!
[Hits: 26 - Added: 02-08-14]

Category: Expat life


Michael Tyler in China

I've traveled 52 countries and stayed in many of the best hotels, eaten in the best restaurants.
[Hits: 26 - Added: 20-04-13]


Creelman...does Brazil!

My (often humorous) experiences as an English teacher, living and working in Sao Paulo.
[Hits: 25 - Added: 01-07-11]


Expatriate Games

An America experiencing mid-life in The Middle Kingdom, living in, working for and learning about China. I agreed to teach English to the masses to get here. I...
[Hits: 25 - Added: 12-02-09]


echarse a andar

"Echarse a andar" recounts my experiences as an American living in Galicia, and then the Basque Country, with an emphasis on cultural and linguistic...
[Hits: 25 - Added: 16-02-12]


For Now, Japan

I'm a 5'8" redhead teaching English and trying to fit into daily life in Japan with my beginner's level Japanese. I write about my travels, my life, and...
[Hits: 25 - Added: 20-06-13]


Tia Teaches Abroad

A blog about a Jersey girl living and teaching in South Korea featuring daily happenings, (mis)adventures, and more.
[Hits: 25 - Added: 29-09-15]


Elle Crook

A travel blog that showcasesmy photography, mostly.
[Hits: 24 - Added: 28-02-14]


Willful and Wildhearted

This is my space where two of my favorite hobbies unite: travel and writing. I write about tips for living in Korea as well as lifestyle and other travel tips...
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