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I launched Expatravelog this year (2016) to create a place for expats to share their stories and connect with like-minded people. This blog is about sharing...
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Life in the Bay

Tips and Tricks about getting settled, working and living in the Bay Area. This blog is made for and by foreign people who work for Stanford University (or...
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Dutch expat blogging about Malaysia and many other travels & trips in Asia!
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Run The City Valencia

Writing about sports and a healthy fit life. You read my struggle and accomplishments throughout the year. There is a calendar with all the actual races and...
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Exploring Berry

A traveling blog about my weekend escapes, holidays, world food and expat experiences in Brazil intended to give readers not having the chance to travel the...
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LA girl in a Thai world

Stories, adventures and musings while teaching English in a small Northern town in Thailand. From the mundane daily life details to profound life lessons. ...
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The London Diaries

Originally, The London Diaries started out as a way for me to keep family and close friends back home in Kentucky up to date with what I was up to and what...
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Being in Awe, while traveling together

Travel blog of mid-life runaways featuring adventures stories, advice, destination tips, travel resources, videos and photos for those seeking to see the world.
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Correr Es Mi Destino

Stories from a French woman who moved to English Canada, with immigration tips, photos, Canadian culture, politics and travels.
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On a road to nowhere...

Welcome to, a blog about travel and living in China. This is not a travel blog for young professionals, digital nomads, influencers, or...
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Muita Viagem

It's a travel blog about reports of travellers. Dicas de viagens baratas e legais. Relatos de viagem em Buenos Aires, Ásia, Estados Unidos e outros destinos...
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Finding Dutchland

Finding Dutchland is a lifestyle blog offering inspirational and educational material for all women, with a particular soft spot for expat women, pregnant women...
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Purple John

tales of life abroad
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La Colorada

This blog records my adventures in Lima, with a special focus on the amazing food and the inevitable clashing cultural quirks of a small town in the South of...
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Project Abroad

Project Abroad is a website for global professionals and students interacting with people from other countries and cultures. It is a space where we can exchange...
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