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Help you arrive and settle in Australia
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Category: Expat life


Turkey with stuff in

It's a journal of travel stories, daily life, the in-laws, the food, the culture and an array of odds and sods. All accompanied by lots of photos.
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Expat in Germany

Travel ideas for Germany, Europe and Canada along with stories on expat living and learning a foreign language
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This blog documents our stories of working, living and traveling in Vietnam.
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PuraVida"Living the Good Life"in CostaDelSol

Pura Vida :Living the Good Life" in Costa del Sol is a collection of stories, photos and memories of what it is like to live in Costa Rica and enjoy the...
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A Year in Fire and Ice

Photos and stories from a girl living with vikings on a volcano.
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What Could Go Wrong in Hong Kong

The description says it all to be honest, this blog explores the ridiculous experiences we have had living abroad so far. It is light and comedic with some...
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Expatriate Life

News, tips, information and stories relating to expatriate life in general and my own experiences in Azerbaijan, Egypt, the UAE and Canada.
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Category: Expat life


IslandMomma Life on a Small Island and Beyond

Seeking the stories and adventures of island life and my travels, and because I am a genuine, original baby boomer, occasional observations and rants about the...
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An American in Asia

Photos and stories of my life as an American expat in Shanghai
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Cool places and weird things in Bangkok (and beyond)
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Life After TEFL Worldwide Prague

These 4 individuals all started their teaching and traveling abroad journey in the same place: at TEFL Worldwide Prague. Here, they underwent an intense, 4-week...
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Mrs. Sharma

Indian Stories of a designer, unshakable optimist, enthusiastic cook & non-Indian Indian wife.
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Category: Expat life


Jenny's Adventures In England

I started this blog when I moved to England as a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the US. Since then it has grown to be a documentary of our...
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Being Koy

Stories of everyday life for a British Ex-pat in the organic village of Kirazli Koy in Aegean Turkey.
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