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Roving Jay - Expat Adventures

My expat blog covers local Los Angeles expat life and California road trip information, but also includes my sojourns back home to England, and trips to Turkey...
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Tiki Touring Kiwi

I blog about stories from my adventures, trips I complete and guides on places I choose to live for a month or more.
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Voila Travels

Voila Travels is a hub of travel tips and advice, itineraries and travel events. Get your mind blown away and get on board for your next trip.
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Category: Expat life



In 2017, I took a leap of faith to pursue a lifelong dream. I quit my job, sold my stuff and bought a one way ticket to Bali to travel the world. Now based in...
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Life in "big tent"

Personal experience of living in Indonesia, travel stories from Asia and practical information for those who are planning to travel or stay here longer.
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While I breathe, I hope

A Romanian born author in the pursuit of happiness. Tales from the United Kingdom.
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My blog, a documentation of all my adventures and stories, is structured as a cycle of bucket lists. Every four months, I tackle a new one, so I can keep myself...
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Michael Evans Photography

Photos and stories from Colombia.
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Inspiring stories about traveling around the world to help others realising their dreams.
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Category: Globe trotter


Helena Goes Places

A picturesque blog of my travel adventures around Europe, America and Asia with the best travel tips, suggestions, must-see places and occasionally, adventures...
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Native of the North

You’ve found it. My little piece of the internet where I can say whatever I please; where I can – hopefully – inspire some or simply pull at the heart...
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Snippets from the life of an American expat in Germany, novice blogger, amateur artist, rehabilitated couch potato, smartphone addict, full-time father, husband...
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Melted Stories Travel Blog

The trials and tribulations of a travelling few... Travel stories, advice and tips from a group of people you wouldn't trust as far as you could throw them.
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Category: Globe trotter


Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

Recipes, crafts and adventure from Britain's most northerly food blog!
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Category: Diary Expat life


Why do expats feel like they belong nowhere and everywh

A one-stop shop on expat life, from living abroad to transitioning, my stories come from my own experience, my own opinions and my knowledge of the places I...
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