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Part of my world

My blog gives accounts of my adventures in Europe and the UK and also has some amazing stories about my past adventures all over the world. We love history, new...
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Grab the Passport

Insights and inspiration for the adventurous traveller
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The Abroad Channel

A blog about the perks and challenges of living abroad. Dreamer, Blogger, Exchange Program Consultant, here I will share with you my adventures of being a...
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Work Overseas Guide

It is a blog created for expat professionals. Specially those who are living and working in KSA.
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Land of Silk and Honey

This blog is mainly about personal experiences of trying to navigate life in the city with young children. It's also about our Asian travel experiences. It...
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Expat Alli

Travel tips and stories from a Canadian expat traveling the world
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TourAbsurd: Traveling with a Light Heart!

The focus is on humor and silly travel/expat stories. The stealth mission is to inspire people to laugh enough that they set aside their fears, see the global...
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The Expat Cast

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Intentional Expat

I'm an American psychologist living in Madrid, Spain. After five years here, I know that life as an expat is full of ups and downs. Drawing upon my personal...
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Invisible Lyon

An online guide to the less well-known sights, sounds, impressions, stories and landmarks in and around Lyon, France
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Caitlin Travis | Life as an Ausländer

Hi! I'm Caitlin, a girl from small-town America currently living in Marburg, Germany. Expat life is rarely easy, but it's always worth it and leaves you with...
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Healing Pilgrim

Stories & images about healing, travel & life.
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Native Foreigner

Native Foreigner is a quarterly magazine and blog for travelers returning from a long-term trip abroad and who are dealing with reverse culture shock. Travelers...
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Category: Expat life


I am a psychologist by trade, but my real passions are music, dance, food, and travel. My worldwide curiosity has taken me from hole-in-the-wall, locals-only...
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Under The Latin Sun

My blog is about my love of travel, passion for Spanish and Latin America. I talk about my experience as living as an expat, tips for learning Spanish, my...
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