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Tales from a Redhead in Egypt

Stories about my adventures as a Scottish redhead in Egypt.
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Blog de voyages de Laura

Blog relatant mes voyages et depuis peu, mon expatriation en Californie. J'y décris la vie de tous les jours ici, les voyages que je fais, les fêtes...
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For Now, Japan

I'm a 5'8" redhead teaching English and trying to fit into daily life in Japan with my beginner's level Japanese. I write about my travels, my life, and...
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Adventures of the Red Headed Traveler

I blog about my personal travels all over the world in addition to blogging about current topics of interest in the traveling community, some noteworthy, some...
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Walking the World

Walking the World is about life in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Singapore. Monitor lizards living on my roof, purple faced leaf monkeys in my neighborhood, cows...
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