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Never a Dull Day in Poland

Follow the excursions of one entire family, kids included, as they learn to adapt to the new culture, food, and traditions of Polish living. Since the blog...
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Polish Housewife

The cultural and culinary adventures of an American expat in Poland. I write about our daily life, our travels, cultural differences, and my attempts at...
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Chronic wanderlust propelled me across the Atlantic and into the land of sangria, flamenco, siesta and fiesta: Andalucia, Spain. Follow my adventures on...
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Voyage en Toscane

Partie de France pour vivre 5 mois en Toscane, ce blog va me permettre de partager cette expérience avec vous (et pourquoi pas, de vous donner envie de faire...
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Bangkok Girl

I am a British expat, exploring, eating and drinking my way around the Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and SE Asia when the chance arises.
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The Ottenbourg Family @ Tahiti

Moved from Belgium to Tahiti
[Hits: 131 - Added: 02-05-10]


Skinny Italy

Food + Fitness + Flute = Love
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Expatriate Housewife

Un an dans la vie d'une femme d'expat à Kiev !

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Une vie en afrique

Une vie en afrique est un blog privé et personnel sur l'expatriation en afrique et sur les voyages touristiques qu'on a eu le plaisir de faire : dans chaque...
[Hits: 128 - Added: 04-09-13]


My expat life blog in Ghana, Africa

I wanted to share my experience of how adapting yourself for a first expatriation; which are tips before and after arrival, how to find a job, what is a woman...
[Hits: 128 - Added: 09-03-16]


Le Melting Post

Ce blog est consacré au Congo-Brazzaville mais pas que, aux découvertes, aux rencontres, aux curiosités légères comme aux réflexions plus profondes, aux...
[Hits: 127 - Added: 22-03-17]


A Flamingo in Italy

Exploring the art, culture, food and more of Italy in general, and Bologna in particular. This is a look at my new life in Italy as I get to surround myself...
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Rentrera-t-elle au bout d'un mois ?

Un voyage, ça se prépare. Ca se pense et ça s’attend, impatiemment. On compte les mois, les jours, les heures, et une fois le pied posé sur le sol...
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catalan au pays de la teranga

Expatriée au Sénégal, je raconte mes rencontres, nos tranches de vie. Des photos, nos découvertes pour ne rien oublier et faire partager notre expérience.
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You're Not From Around Here Are You?

After travelling, living, working and volunteering in over 90 countries, I've ended up as an expat in China
[Hits: 120 - Added: 10-06-10]


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