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Notes from Noumea

On the 6th February 2015, my partner Phil and I jumped on a plane, swapping our hectic London lives for a new adventure on the sub-tropical French island of...
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A Celebration of Mundanity: Life and Observations from

An American Ex-pat entomologist living in England, working at the Natural History Museum in London, traveling extensively and who is an observer of the mundane....
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Little Ms. Bossy

I'm exploring my new home in Austria, making discoveries and taking lots of photos along the way. I'm doing my best to create an extraordinary life.
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Texan in the Philippines

The adventures, misadventures and everyday life of a Texan surviving in the most hospitable country in the world. Land of Smiles, The Philippines.
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Expat Cucina

A blog for cooking where I can share my family’s culinary traditions with you and hopefully have you share whatever delicious treats you may have in store for...
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Country Skipper - Miles Under My Belt

I write about my experiences as a German living in Texas as well as my wordwide travels to see family, friends, and new places.
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Why Rome?

Info, Travel Tips & the Inside Scoop on the City We Call Home...Rome, Italy.
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Hot But Happy

We are two young expats living and working in beautiful Phuket, Thailand. We came here with a need for change and adventure. We teach english to little ones...
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Texan in the Philippines

The adventures, misadventures and everyday life of a Texan surviving in the most hospitable country in the world, The Land of Smiles, The Philippines.
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Our family of 4 moved to Manta, Ecuador from South Lake Tahoe, California. We have lived here for 5 years and have gone through many wonderful adventures.
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From Lincolnshire to Shanghai..

Just my ramblings about life 6000 miles from home..
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The WorldWider

Descubre las mejores guías para sobrevivir en Alemania y no morir en el intento, viajar por todo Europa y los mejores consejos locales Made In Spain.
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Tia Teaches Abroad

A blog about a Jersey girl living and teaching in South Korea featuring daily happenings, (mis)adventures, and more.
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My Noah and Me

I from England but living in Vienna with my husband and 3 year old son. My blog is all about our adventures and what it is like to live with a 3 year old when...
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Chile Living Today

Chile Living Today is about what it is like to really live life as Chileans do, and not as an expat living within an expat community. We live, work, travel and...
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Category: Expat life


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