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Mayotticiens dans l'océan indien - Blog mayotte

Quotidien de deux expatriés à Mayotte ! Vie locale et culture mahoraise. Plages et lagon... barrières de corail, baleines, dauphins, tortues. Nos voyages à...
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M'expatrier aux USA? Yes, I can!... well...maybe...

Expatriée depuis peu à Denver, Colorado, grâce à un visa (de fiancée) K-1, je vous propose un petit aperçu drôle et léger du processus d'immigration et...
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Jamaica My Way

I've been blogging about my non-typical travel adventures for 4 years and generally like to stay OFF the beaten path. My blog followers are a niche crowd who...
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My Little Norway

My Little Norway Australian in Norway
[Hits: 174 - Added: 25-06-09]


A Scandinavian Interlude

Adventures, tribulations and ramblings of a native Californian from the San Francisco Bay Area who moved with his family to the Helsinki area of Finland.
[Hits: 168 - Added: 17-01-12]


An Adventure Abroad

Expat life from the view of an Americana after she packed up her bipolar ass and moved to Portugal. Read about it all at
[Hits: 165 - Added: 30-06-11]


Hello Madrid, Hola New York

I write this blog about my observations about Spanish (particularly Madrid) culture and how after eleven years I have become so integrated and accepted so many...
[Hits: 165 - Added: 20-01-10]


Les Colins à Miami

La vie à Miami de 3 Colins et un chat : découvertes, galères, différences culturelles et vie d'expat. On vous emmène en balades avec nous, et on vous dit...
[Hits: 156 - Added: 10-10-16]


Finding Paris

My name is Kaitlin, and I am from Maine. I grew up there but spent my four years of college in Vermont. After graduating and earning a degree in psychology, I...
[Hits: 140 - Added: 09-03-10]


American Girl's World

A personal look into the life of an American woman who lived in Kuwait for a number of years and married a local. Sometimes co-blogging, they cover topics...
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Perking the Pansies and Surviving the Expats in Turkey

Imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently ‘married’ middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to...
[Hits: 131 - Added: 25-11-10]


'Our Luxor' (Or a Daft lad in Egypt.)

A blog about the struggle and misfortunes, but also the joys and hilarity of living in Luxor. We love it!
[Hits: 110 - Added: 01-07-11]


Byliv in CoPenHague

Ce blog présente Copenhague à travers ses projets d'aménagement, son architecture et sa culture urbaine.
[Hits: 101 - Added: 17-12-11]


The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside

The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside. A personal take on investing in property in Bulgaria, created by James, an Englishman with 9+ years full...
[Hits: 96 - Added: 30-06-13]


Not Hemingway's Spain

This blog seeks to puncture the "Hemingway paradigm." It is part travel guide, steering you to those "pueblos con encanto" that Hemingway...
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