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Living the EXPAT's Life

Blog of an EXPAT's wife in SHANGHAI |
[Hits: 114 - Added: 02-04-09]


Expat in the Philippines

about the life and the experiences of a Dutch expat living in the philippines, with lots of pictures, remarkable things and a nice festival calendar
[Hits: 81 - Added: 13-04-12]


Tim Potter Expat Life in the Philippines

This is the story of living in Cebu Philippines with my wife Zol.
[Hits: 64 - Added: 05-01-13]


Cebu Focused Living in the Philippines

Its over 10,000 pages with active users of about 2000 unique per day. I blog about my life my life in the Philippines, try to influence the thinking of others...
[Hits: 60 - Added: 22-04-12]


Philippines or Bust

I will be keeping this blog to help myself with the daunting task of planning and implementing my retirement to the Philippines. I hope that the information I...
[Hits: 52 - Added: 19-09-10]

Category: Expat life


I am Aileen

Lifestyle and travel blog of Aileen: a 20-something digital nomad and entrepreneur from the Philippines who quit her job at 21 to travel the world!
[Hits: 51 - Added: 23-01-15]


Leaving Holland

It is all about the Philippines (and a little about me) time tables, ferry schedules, the cost of living, legal stuff, islands, cities, dating and more.
[Hits: 44 - Added: 28-06-18]


A blog about living in the Philippines as a British Expat residing here with my Filipina wife April and our children.
[Hits: 41 - Added: 23-09-10]


The Philippines Expat

This blog is an honest account of what it's like to be an expat living in Cebu City, from where to eat, to renting property, to the local nightlife, and...
[Hits: 37 - Added: 31-03-14]


Texan in the Philippines

The adventures, misadventures and everyday life of a Texan surviving in the most hospitable country in the world, The Land of Smiles, The Philippines.
[Hits: 33 - Added: 15-08-12]

Category: Expat life Diary


The Expat Angle

Young professional living and working in the Philippines. Culture, politics, lifestyle, travel.
[Hits: 31 - Added: 11-01-17]


Casteluzzo - in search of a dream to call home

We live in small-town Italy. Besides reading books, watching snails, and drinking raw milk, we love traveling best of all. We’re chronically peripatetic....
[Hits: 29 - Added: 19-10-10]


And Here We Are...

Stories and images of discovery as we embrace the thrill and challenge of living in England, and traveling as much as we possibly can!
[Hits: 28 - Added: 03-04-12]


Retired in Samar

Sharing a slice of life living under the tropical sun in the Western Pacific... from the Philippines to Guam... One Day at a Time!
[Hits: 27 - Added: 18-05-18]


Asia Travelbug

I'm hoooked on Asia. 20 Years in Japan and counting.
[Hits: 20 - Added: 15-05-12]


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