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Edge of the Arctic

Tales of a Yankee Adventurer in Norway:
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Category: Expat life Humour


Natural Girl, Unnatural World

A look at life in Geneva, Switzerland from a black-American, first-time traveler in an interracial relationship. Follow the journey to greater understanding...
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Aussie Pete

Blog of our day to day events and happenings as they relate to our life living and working overseas. The most read and subscribed to expat blog in Singapore....
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Moving Abroad With Children

Tips, tricks, motivation, and inspiration for families who are tired of the rat race and want to dream, explore, and discover again. Our content is focused on...
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The White Punjabi Bride

Welcome to The White Punjabi Bride, The Diaries Of An Almost Punjabi Wife, Bringing You A Touch Of The Indian Life!
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The Lucky Couple

We are two 20 somethings from Canada, who sold all of our crap and moved to Thailand!

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TexaGermaNadian: My Life in 3 Countries

Long story short...
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Wie ist das eigentlich, wenn man in Australien wohnt? Sicher wie im Paradies. Echt? Wie sieht der Alltag in Australien aus? Australienfans und solche, die es...
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Blaxpat and Loving It

Musings about life, politics and culture as an outsider in a foreign land.
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House of Comil

Julia Comil, blog mode et lifestyle sur Los Angeles en Anglais. Découverte de LA vue par une expatriée amatrice de fitness, vegan food, style et autres modes...
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A Wanderlust For Life

A Wanderlust For Life is a blog filled with travel tips, real expat life talk, fun festivals, delicious adventures, and other travel experiences.
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I blog about my life in Amsterdam: the places I go and see, the people I meet and love, the things I create, wish for or buy. I write down all the thoughts I...
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La Vida Buena

A young couple's journey of moving to Europe from the United States and their motivation and desire to live a new lifestyle.
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Category: Expat life


Melanie Fontaine

A travel and lifestyle blog, chronicling my travel and expat adventures
[Hits: 48 - Added: 19-11-13]


I am Aileen

Lifestyle and travel blog of Aileen: a 20-something digital nomad and entrepreneur from the Philippines who quit her job at 21 to travel the world!
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