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Travelin' with the TMax

Tim likes to travel. Follow his adventures as he explores the world, and currently, Spain.
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La Señorita Vero

An eclectic blog about an eclectic person living in Madrid, my posts cover everything from European travel to vegetarian cuisine to cultural faux pas. Join me...
[Hits: 9 - Added: 16-05-14]


Under The Latin Sun

My blog is about my love of travel, passion for Spanish and Latin America. I talk about my experience as living as an expat, tips for learning Spanish, my...
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Hoping to provide you with some cool insider tips about Berlin, Bucharest, Lisbon and other places in Europe. Exploring the world in a fun way!
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Citywordhunt is a language blog with a cultural twist. It is about falling in love with Amsterdam while learning the Dutch language. Via city photos the blog...
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On a road to nowhere...

Welcome to, a blog about travel and living in China. This is not a travel blog for young professionals, digital nomads, influencers, or...
[Hits: 8 - Added: 08-06-21]


The Babel Times

I write about language learning and living abroad. My goal is to help people engage with language through the culture where that language is spoken, and to...
[Hits: 7 - Added: 30-09-14]


Nordic Dowager

Expat blog of a family from 2 Nordic cultures - bilingual family life soon turning into life with 3 languages and 3 cultures. Everyday life + observations on...
[Hits: 7 - Added: 22-04-21]


Olympic Wanderings

Five years ago I crammed my life into a backpack affectionately called 'the Beast' and hit the road, anxious to see all the world's Olympic sites. Needless to...
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