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Turning International

Provides and discusses scientific insights to understand the difficulties and learning from living abroad, and ultimately help 'internationals' or 'expats' to...
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Category: Expat life



Musings from the field and from home, for you, from me.
[Hits: 22 - Added: 26-07-14]


My Spanish Adventure

What to see in Spain while learning the language and living on the cheap.
[Hits: 19 - Added: 23-12-11]


The Greatest Moving Abroad Tips in the World

Tips and humour designed to help smooth the path of anyone thinking of moving abroad, as well as those who have already made the move.
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Category: Expat life Humour


When an ibibio girl decides to blog

Basic ramblings/rantings, my sincere thoughts on anything. Life between Nigeria, Germany and USA...not in that order!!!!
[Hits: 17 - Added: 14-08-14]


The Navigatio

A blog about living and studying abroad, lifestyle and travel.
[Hits: 17 - Added: 28-07-17]


Life in a State of Wanderlust

I’m a 20s-something girl with a passion for travel. I grew up in Virginia, USA, but needed something more so I moved to London for grad school. Now I’ve...
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Chinese with orna

My blog is the place for the worldwide mandarin Chinese students. Here they can connect with each other, get free learning stuff which are updated regularly,...
[Hits: 13 - Added: 06-04-15]



My blog is a mix of anecdotes of people I've met in Turkey, cities I've visited (along with pictures I've taken), and cultural and idiomatic knowledge I've...
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Drinking it all in...

Drinking it all in... is an expat blog about three main subjects:

[Hits: 12 - Added: 27-03-14]


M the Expat

M the Expat is a blog about expat life in Germany, travel around Europe, and learning the German language.
[Hits: 12 - Added: 29-04-16]


Restless Fork

This blog is my way of sharing the scrumptiousness of living in and traveling through Spain. Restless Fork is about the passion that goes into every bite of...
[Hits: 11 - Added: 11-09-14]


Chinese Learning Resources

Learning resources about Chinese language and culture
[Hits: 10 - Added: 20-03-19]


Benjamin Soper - Life in Sweden

Exploring the history of the Swedish language as I attempt to learn it, while documenting my life adjusting to a new country.
[Hits: 10 - Added: 17-07-20]


A Leap Into the Void

All about our new life in France: learning the language, figuring out all the practical stuff, building a house, and exploring!
[Hits: 9 - Added: 20-08-19]


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