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Kerry Murray Photography

Photo blog home of Kerry Murray Photography. Based in Ericeira, Portugal, Kerry is a travel, documentary and lifestyle photographer with an eye for the unusual...
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Photo Zoom Cabo Verde

I usually say that my blog is made of feelings, that's why I post "emotional photography" and related quotes.The aim is to conect with those who...
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Colombia Travel Blog

“Colombia Travel”, “Colombia Tours”. Faster and faster, those phrases are becoming very sought after on the internet, more and more often those are...
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Blog & Website about Piedmont

A virtual tour around Piedmont region (Northern Italy): places to see, events to take part, cities and towns, a bit of history, as well as information about...
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Piemonte Dreams

The blog is written in book style and chronicles our move to Piemonte, and specifically to the Langhe Hills a beautiful UNESCO heritage site in North West...
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Adventures in Painting

Adventures of a classically trained oil painter painting the streets of Rome, Italy. I travel the streets of Rome by bike with my easel and paint daily Roman...
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Mercedes Catalan

Blog about landscape, wildlife and street photography from Switzerland and other places I visit or where I lived before.
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Photos, winter, landscape, travel, culture of Northern Scandinavia and much more
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Middle europe

According to good old Wikipedia the term Middle Europe is obsolete or rarely used – Central Europe is the usual term. However when visiting a friend in...
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Anna Dennis

A blog with regular postings of my paintings done mostly here in Italy.
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Sharing health, wealth, and lifestyle wisdom for fulfilling expat living.
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My blog is a mix of anecdotes of people I've met in Turkey, cities I've visited (along with pictures I've taken), and cultural and idiomatic knowledge I've...
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Public Footpath to Sille Bliss

I'm from Houston Texas USA and moved to England in 2013. I spend most of my time exploring the countryside, seaside towns and anywhere else we end up. Some days...
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Wild Asturias

Exploring Asturias and the Picos de Europa National Park. Our quest to discover the beaches, mountains, rivers, forests and wildlife of 'Green Spain'.
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Category: Trekking Reporter


somewhere... beyond the sea

somewhere... beyond the sea is where I write about my experiences travelling the world as I hopefully get closer to finding the place I want to call home one...
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