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A Life On Shuffle

Day to day life in Italy, the eccentricities and mundane all set against what tunes shuffle on my iPod.
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Sisterhood of the Traveling WAGs

A Singaporean and an American tackle the Swiss Alps.
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Miss Frenchy Japan

Ce blog mêlange humour, articles culturels, interviews, enquêtes de terrain et brèves du quotidien.
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The Philippines Expat

This blog is an honest account of what it's like to be an expat living in Cebu City, from where to eat, to renting property, to the local nightlife, and...
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Adventures of a Scotsman in Brussels

Thoughts, observations and experiences of a Scotsman living and working in Brussels. Everything from food, through architecture, politics, humour and how to...
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1 Month Of Ramen

I frequent a ramen shop in Japan where, after 80 bowls, you can get a month of free ramen. So being both cheap and curious I have decided to find out what...
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Category: Gourmet Humour


The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside

The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside. A personal take on investing in property in Bulgaria, created by James, an Englishman with 9+ years full...
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Y'a pas le feu au lac!

Expat romande en vadrouille au Sud de la France, je vous raconte les petites différences entre mon pays natal et ma terre d’accueil, au moins aussi...
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French Fingers

Everyday family life in the centre of Toulouse, France's fourth-largest city. We're a long way from converted barns in the Dordogne.
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De Winter Retreat

I have three blogs, but this one is about my dream of owning a place in Italy and spending a few months of each year there. All my blogs have different subjects...
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The (non-existent) Bucket List

Bula! I'm Emma. Welcome to my newly launched travel blog! I'm currently working across Special Schools in Fiji, but blogging for a hobby in my spare time....
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Verily Merrily Mary

The adventures of a Nigerian-Canadian third culture kid and expat university student living in America.
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Crazy Russians and an Englishman

Hilarious blog about and Englishman in Russia. What will he do next? Also a great resource about Russia. Find out about Russian customs, Russian humour, things...
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A Lot Of Wind...

So we browse the possibilities; the Esteponas and San Roques, the Sotograndes and La Lineas. We dismiss them out of hand as too “English”, or...
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Impertinentes chroniques d’une Française à Londres

Que vous connaissiez tout de Londres ou juste Big Ben en photo, que vous aimiez les Anglais ou que soyez bien contents qu'ils soient loin de nous sur leur île,...
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