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What Happened to the Subtitles?

I fled Seattle, landed in Costa Rica with nine suitcases and a dog, married a tico, took off my rose-colored glasses, and settled in for the ride. No unicorns,...
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Kate Peregrina en Spain

I'm an American expat living in Spain and teaching English. This blog is about everything from bidets to phrasal verbs and that awkward moment when you say...
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TourAbsurd: Traveling with a Light Heart!

The focus is on humor and silly travel/expat stories. The stealth mission is to inspire people to laugh enough that they set aside their fears, see the global...
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Perpetual Passenger

Follow an American expat in France as she jets around the globe trying to see everything she can!
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Oddities and Ends

I am a writer and amateur photographer living in Wolfsburg, Germany with my German husband. I write about my day-to-day experiences, adventures, and mishaps as...
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The Nomad Mom Diary

It is amazing how quickly I can write things when I don’t have to censor myself.
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I am a psychologist by trade, but my real passions are music, dance, food, and travel. My worldwide curiosity has taken me from hole-in-the-wall, locals-only...
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Making Norway My Home

I help expats and immigrants understand and integrate to Norwegian society. I give tips on parenting, traveling, culture, health system, updates, learn the...
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Go Goiano

A "Goianiense" [person from Goiânia, the capital city of Goiás] and an "Austinite" [person from Austin, the capital city of Texas] get...
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Helene in Between

I blog about Travel, lifestyle and anything relevant to my generation!
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To The Days Like This

My blog is an honest, laid back and humorous account of my life as a 20-something Aussie girl in London, with the occasional trip over to Europe.
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My blog, a documentation of all my adventures and stories, is structured as a cycle of bucket lists. Every four months, I tackle a new one, so I can keep myself...
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De Winter Retreat

I have three blogs, but this one is about my dream of owning a place in Italy and spending a few months of each year there. All my blogs have different subjects...
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Observations and absurdities of expat life with a global family, world wide friends . . . and a seriously untrainable dog
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Jamoroki poses questions and brings information to readers about the need for social change in a forthright and humorous way. Via posts on travel experiences,...
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