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Bruxelles by Lulu

Sur Bruxelles by Lulu, je partage avec mes lecteurs des idées de sorties et des initiatives originales et insolites à Bruxelles. L'idée générale est...
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The Expat Partner's Survival Guide

The blog is for expat partner's everywhere - whether they are planning their first move or on their fifty-first country. It accompanies my book of the same...
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Category: Expat life


Famsterdam Life

My blog Famsterdam Life is a blog about expat life in the Netherlands, with sections such as one dedicated to cycling in the outskirts. Travel is also a very...
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Category: Expat life Sport


The Gypsy Soul Diaries

The Gypsy Soul Diaries is a blog about my travel escapades and my life as an expat in Suriname which comprises my long-time attempt to speak Dutch. Living...
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Bohemian on a Budget: How to Wander the Globe...Without

“I wish I could do that!” ”Wow, you must be rich!”
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A Canadian girl living in the Netherlands with my Dutch hubby. Struggling and adjusting to Dutch life one day at a time. Blogging about life as an expat in the...
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Category: Expat life Diary


Live Work Germany

Resource for English-speaking expats in Germany and those wanting to relocate here | Work, Lifestyle, Travel, Bureaucracy, Relocation, Tips, Trending Topics |...
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Kritsa, at the heart of it all

Lighthearted reports of my interest and experiences in Crete with insight to local customs.

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An American family of 4, living in Spain, embracing the world, sharing our experiences and hoping to inspire.
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Willful and Wildhearted

This is my space where two of my favorite hobbies unite: travel and writing. I write about tips for living in Korea as well as lifestyle and other travel tips...
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Expat Crushes

Expat Crushes é un semplice blog sulla vita all'estero visto dalla prospettiva di una ventenne italiana espatriata all'estero. Scoprite com'é la vita a...
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Category: Expat life


The Narcissistic Expat Diaries: From Iowa to Ireland

A journal of our transition from a small Midwestern American city to Dublin, Ireland. We post mostly about our travels, explorations, thoughts, and hobbies.
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International Villager

Discussing cultural events, places off-the-beaten-track, hobbies and personal experiences in Amsterdam.
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Category: Expat life Diary


The Naked Kayaker

A blog about exploring the outdoors (mostly by kayak), traveling, trip planning, and coastal engineering. It currently focuses on kayaking in the Netherlands...
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Little Things Make Smiles

I recently started blogging about finding the positives in everyday life to create smiles. I am a great believer that everyone can find something each day to...
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