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con jamón spain

Some time in Andalucia. A couple's life in Órgiva, Spain. Also a guide to the town and the local area (and other parts of Andalucia). Varied posts on travel,...
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One Foot in Europe

Istanbul through my eyes. Life living, working, getting to know and understand this crazy city.
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Category: Expat life



World travels of an older woman who likes to explore the world on her own but in style and comfort and wants to share her experiences as well as tips.
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The Sun Only Sets Once in a Day

Blogging about travelling and spending my life in Brazil.
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Bridge to Spain

Bridge to Spain is all about Spain: travel, food, quirky street scenes, walking, hiking, culture (some big things but mostly popular culture), history official...
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Part of my world

My blog gives accounts of my adventures in Europe and the UK and also has some amazing stories about my past adventures all over the world. We love history, new...
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The Rambling Epicure

The Rambling Epicure joins the voices of professional food writers and artists from around the world who are interested in promoting a mindful, responsible...
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A place dedicated to Romagna: places, food, history, culture. Travel tips for those who want to visit Romagna in a different way!
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Ships Are For Sailing

SAFS is a blog about navigating life in Russia as an expat.
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Public Footpath to Sille Bliss

I'm from Houston Texas USA and moved to England in 2013. I spend most of my time exploring the countryside, seaside towns and anywhere else we end up. Some days...
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What Alice Did Next

An escapist with a taste for fine arts, photography and travel, combining the three to experience the best of all worlds. Come run away with me.
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As Soup As Possible

As Soup As Possible is a blog based on soup as a metaphor of cosiness, nutritiousness and sharing.
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Expat Alien - Foreign in my own Country

Stories about my life as an expat, life stories, family history, food, travel
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Two Queens and a Joker

My name is Dave and I was born in and, for the most part raised in Colorado. Eleven years ago I was lucky enough to be working at a restaurant as a waiter when...
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Category: Expat life Diary


Location You

lifestyle travel, digital nomad travel. South East Asia and South American Focus. Location independent work.
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