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Wandering Circles

A couple of American expats in Amman, exploring the food, culture and outdoors in Amman
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MY Pichka

We are a Ukrainian-American couple living in a small village in western Ukraine.
[Hits: 23 - Added: 11-10-13]


Making Norway My Home

I help expats and immigrants understand and integrate to Norwegian society. I give tips on parenting, traveling, culture, health system, updates, learn the...
[Hits: 16 - Added: 25-05-22]



Sharing health, wealth, and lifestyle wisdom for fulfilling expat living.
[Hits: 15 - Added: 19-11-13]

Category: Expat life


Mademoiselle Slimalicious

Mademoiselle Slimalicious promotes a healthy lifestyle inspired by French culture! It encourages people to lead a healthy lifestyle by being naturally active...
[Hits: 12 - Added: 11-08-12]



After some negative work experiences I decided to become a life coach to cope with difficult situations that I had to tackle. I wondered what life wanted to...
[Hits: 7 - Added: 01-12-21]

Category: Expat life


Naturally Global

Naturally Global is a lifestyle and wellness blog about creating a healthy and natural life while living and traveling abroad with a focus on the challenges and...
[Hits: 5 - Added: 18-04-14]

Category: Expat life


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