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Simply Cassie - Expat in New Zealand

My life 18,000kms away from home.

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Finding My Way Around England and Beyond

An expat who recently settled into life in the UK after living in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. I am learning as I go and enjoy writing about it. I hope...
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Kiwis Say Oui

From New Zealand to Bordeaux, France. This is a blog about travel with kids, faux pas and how we decided to say oui to a year living on the other side of the...
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Category: Expat life


A Little More Southern

Ramblings from a Southern belle living the expat life as an American in New Zealand with my kiwi husband.
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Category: Expat life


Collecting Labels

My blog is a mixture of expat advice, stories of life and travels abroad and at home as well as fashion and food from around the world.
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Grab the Passport

Insights and inspiration for the adventurous traveller
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Writing about our ocean filled adventures as we move from California to New Zealand
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Migrating Miss

I'm an expat Kiwi who has lived in the United States, Canada, Australia and Scotland, and soon to be Spain! I blog about living abroad and how moving country...
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Category: Expat life


Walking the World

Walking the World is about life in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, and Singapore. Monitor lizards living on my roof, purple faced leaf monkeys in my neighborhood, cows...
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MikeE's Travels – The Adventures of Just Another Kiwi o

An expat Kiwi living in Bangkok blogging on parties, beer, DJing and paintball.. while my Girlfriend studies on exchange at Thammasat Univeristy
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Keep Me By the Wavey, Green Colour Sea: Living in Maldi

My three years in Maldives where I was integrated with the locals including India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
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Adventures With Pete

In 2013 I had just finished teaching English overseas for a year. Without a plan I moved to the Bay Area looking for my next thing. And that’s around when I...
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Catchmercurial is the combination blog and writing/photography portfolio that captures the essence, as best as possible, of a curious expat Kiwi exploring the...
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Location You

lifestyle travel, digital nomad travel. South East Asia and South American Focus. Location independent work.
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Passport Packed

Ex New Zealand PR girl, now travelling the world and blogging from a young kiwi perspective.

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