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Tai Tai in Shanghai

My blog is about our move to Shanghai, China with three children (13, 10 & 7) I believe the correct term is “trailing spouse” but the word trailing...
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Category: Expat life Humour


An American in Asia

Photos and stories of my life as an American expat in Shanghai
[Hits: 44 - Added: 22-10-13]


McClan Doha

Interesting snippets out of our lives, from our travels around the country and world, to our day to day lives.
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Singapore Gripped

[Hits: 42 - Added: 13-12-10]


Tales From the Beautiful Isle

Family expat life in Taipei.
[Hits: 40 - Added: 02-09-15]


Cardiff to Melbourne

My personal take on moving from one side of the world to another with my husband and three young children - the ins and outs of getting to grips with it all and...
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Category: Expat life Diary


A blog about living in the Philippines as a British Expat residing here with my Filipina wife April and our children.
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Conversations with Hank is a Micro -Sitcom about a family of four living in the north of Portugal: A midwestern American Artist, a Portuguese Scientist, a...
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An Italian Family in Dutch Wonderland

This is the story of a family that relocates to Nijmegen, The Netherlands. While Daddy is at work, Momma and the children discover this beautiful country. Of...
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Category: Expat life Humour


Budapest Bound

We are an American expat family living in Budapest, Hungary. This blog, written by Matthew Anderson, is all about making the best of life with children in...
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The American Resident

Parenting, homemaking, living.
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Category: Expat life


Full of Beans and Sausages

Just a wee blog about love, life, travel, crafting and Hamilton, Ontario
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I've recently moved from Arabia to the hills of Grasse in the South of France with 4 children, 2 dogs and lots of baggage. I have undertaken a huge challenge...
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Ersatz Expat

I am a 30 something global soul, a perpetual expat. I was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch/Irish Family.
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Category: Expat life


Jamaican At Heart

Follow along as I settle into life in a small fishing village in rural Jamaica. Enjoy my blunders and laugh along with me as I figure things out. Meet my...
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