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I launched Expatravelog this year (2016) to create a place for expats to share their stories and connect with like-minded people. This blog is about sharing...
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Adventures of the Red Headed Traveler

I blog about my personal travels all over the world in addition to blogging about current topics of interest in the traveling community, some noteworthy, some...
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Gogovivi focuses on family, photography, expat life in Qingdao, and travel.
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On Raising Bilingual Children

This blog provides information and discussion for parents raising bilingual children or thinking abotu doing so. I aim to provide information and advice based...
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Share the Love

Share the Love is a personal blog by a travel enthusiastic Expat Wife. The blog gives insights into the ups and downs of moving and living abroad. I give...
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Land of Silk and Honey

This blog is mainly about personal experiences of trying to navigate life in the city with young children. It's also about our Asian travel experiences. It...
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Global Travel Press

Plan your global travels with Global Travel Press! Use prudent investment for sustainable global travel plus US expatriation for indefinite global travel.
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TourAbsurd: Traveling with a Light Heart!

The focus is on humor and silly travel/expat stories. The stealth mission is to inspire people to laugh enough that they set aside their fears, see the global...
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The Expat Cast

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As Soup As Possible

As Soup As Possible is a blog based on soup as a metaphor of cosiness, nutritiousness and sharing.
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Still Times - Our China and Life Adventures

An eclectic collection of photographs, writings, & links relating to our life in China and travels to the USA.

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Serendipitous Adventurer

Follow the journey of a 20 something serial expat, part time teacher, full time artist, traveler, food enthusiast and blogger
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Viewfinder Center - News Blog

Latest photography news, trip reports, and tips & tricks from the team at the Viewfinder Center in Zurich, Switzerland.
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Schweinfurt Expats

Schweinfurt Expats is a collaborative effort to improve the lives of expatriates living in the local community. Our goal is to help expatriates integrate...
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Western New Yorker

This website provides global insight into saving money and creative ways of taking simple household items and turning them into innovative designs and ideas. I...
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