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Deux poulets à Reykjavik

Les aventures de deux frenchies à moitié con-gelés, partis à l'assaut du Grand Nord, cheveux au vent et des idées plein la tête.
[Hits: 480 - Added: 14-02-13]


Tokyo mon amour

Tokyo, la plus importante métropole du monde. La ville, ses habitants, sa place dans le monde... Et moi, et moi et moi...
[Hits: 232 - Added: 23-08-10]


emma's house in portugal

A blog about buying a ruin, building a house and eating a lot of pastries
[Hits: 193 - Added: 01-01-10]


Swahili Safari

Escaping Berlin and moving to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania made me start a blog. It is a collection of my experiences, travels and personal live.
[Hits: 151 - Added: 04-01-10]

Category: Expat life Diary


My Milan (Italy)

My photos. My thoughts. My slice of the city.
[Hits: 141 - Added: 20-12-11]


A Flamingo in Italy

Exploring the art, culture, food and more of Italy in general, and Bologna in particular. This is a look at my new life in Italy as I get to surround myself...
[Hits: 124 - Added: 08-04-10]



Blog Photographie - Voyage - Lifestyle. J'aime échanger, partager un bout de ma vie, ma région, mon expérience à Montréal, mes découvertes, faire des...
[Hits: 106 - Added: 27-04-14]


Byliv in CoPenHague

Ce blog présente Copenhague à travers ses projets d'aménagement, son architecture et sa culture urbaine.
[Hits: 97 - Added: 17-12-11]



I have started my blog Amsterdamming to both collect and share my experiences in this beautiful city.
[Hits: 87 - Added: 04-07-13]


Shanghai Shangrila

Shanghai Shangrila is an ongoing story about the decision to leave our lives in Los Angeles for something much different: Shanghai, China. We hope to use this...
[Hits: 86 - Added: 09-02-11]


Things You Didn't Know About Belgium

Thoughts and observations about my adopted home.
[Hits: 85 - Added: 22-02-13]


Discovering São Paulo

Impressions of, and reflections on, São Paulo street art, advertising, fashion, sport, architecture, transport and food amongst other things.
[Hits: 84 - Added: 10-06-11]


Live, love and Lou...

our little adventures in Doha
[Hits: 80 - Added: 14-08-14]


The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside

The Bulgarian property market as seen from the inside. A personal take on investing in property in Bulgaria, created by James, an Englishman with 9+ years full...
[Hits: 80 - Added: 30-06-13]


Belgian Trips

C'est un blog de voyage. Ceci inclue les descriptions des musees, des jardins, des chateaux, etc. qui se trouvent a l'interieur et a l'exterieure de la...
[Hits: 71 - Added: 14-07-11]


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