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Life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a foreigner. The cool stuff, the normal stuff, the boring stuff, the happy stuff, the irritating stuff, the dutch...
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In Ghana with Kids

Blog about Estonian-Palestinian family living in Ghana with children. From this blog you will find info what to do in Accra with kids or without kids. You can...
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The Great Cape Verde Adventure

All the information you need to know about living, working, starting a business or retiring in Cape Verde.
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The thoughts and ramblings on life in Cape Town (and other things) by a recent (re) arrival in South Africa.
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Cheap In Madrid Blog

A blog about cheap and free events in Madrid,whether its concerts,photography workshops,discounts,promotions,art expositions and so on
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settling in again: many homes, many moves

My blog is about conflicts inherent in being a trailing spouse, relocating a family, and living a relatively high class life in poor countries, mostly my own...
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A Zebra's Dream

The adventures of our family in Tanzania. How we cope with the expat life, the cultural differences and all the great trips we make during our stay in Africa!
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Immigré Choisi

Journal de bord d'une jeune africain qui a quitté sa brousse natale pour partir à la quête du rêve Européen... réflexions philosophiques, vie quotidienne...
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From There To Here

In July 2010, my husband and I left our normal life in Canada for an adventurous one abroad. Starting in Gabon, West Africa, we learnt more than we could...
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Category: Expat life



This nomad ("rurousha" in Japanese) has found a home in Japan. It's the best place to be, even when Namazu, the giant catfish that lives under the...
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NJ to Nigeria

A description of life as our family of 5 moves from the suburbs of New Jersey to a year in South Africa before settling permanently in Nigeria.
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Category: Expat life Humour


Baby you can drive my car - Il blog on the road

Una raccolta semiseria di esperienze, di avventure e di suggerimenti che spero possano incuriosirvi, farvi sorridere e, soprattutto, ispirare il vostro prossimo...
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International Mel

International Mel is your average everyday Midwestern girl. For the last 15 years I've lived in Southern California and worked in Corporate America full time....
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Chickenruby raising teens abroad

Life with 2 teens in South Africa
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Category: Expat life Humour



This blog is about expatriation, African culture, living abroad, my travels, Ivory Coast, India, being a work-from-home author and just about anything related...
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