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Honestly Cali

I made my blog as an account of how to set up a life here to help other expats (there is a distinct lack of Cali blogs online) and as a record of my...
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Belgium 2 New Zealand

Suivez les péripéties en Nouvelle-Zélande de 2 jeunes Belges qui ont décidé de s'expatrier à l'autre bout du monde pendant 3 ans, et vivez avec eux leurs...
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Live in Brazil

I created Live in Brazil to be your one-stop online resource for getting jobs, moving to and living in Brazil.
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Elle a dit yes!

Je partage sur mon blog, Elle a dit yes!, mon quotidien aux Etats-Unis, dans le nord de New York, ainsi que mes conseils pour se marier et/ou s'installer aux...
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Courtney the Ami

My name is Courtney, and I am an American living in Germany. Check out my blog to read about my experiences with German visas, cultural frustrations, traveling...
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My job in Australia

Visit my blog to discover tips on how to get a job in Australia as a foreigner. Read everything about Australian visas, jobs and everyday life, and use the...
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Our Portugal Journey

An American couple’s experiences and discoveries with moving to and living in Portugal. Expat info, food, wine and travel.
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A French working in New York

This is a blog about my life as an French expat living in New York and how I found jobs here. I give tips about job search for foreigners and work visas. If...
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Informations pratiques sur l'Australie propose aux internautes plusieurs types d'informations :

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Category: Expat life


Expand The Comfort Zone

An American living in France, I have studied and worked abroad for many years. I want to use this blog to share my experiences with others, in order to guide,...
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We are World Trippers

Ce blog voyage est spécialisé dans les tours du monde. On y retrouve des articles sur des destinations de voyages où les routards racontent leurs aventures,...
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