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Future Expats Forum

Portable careers, information about preparing for your big overseas adventure, how to expatriate on a shoestring budget -- it's all here!
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Imagine ~ Intend ~ Create

Edd and Cynthia Staton are expert exparts, best-selling authors, and creators of a Master Course called Retirement Reimagined! Our blog is intended to inspire,...
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Let The Adventure Begin!

This blog began about a year before we made our move to Panama as a way to not only stay connected with our loved ones back home but also as a resource for...
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Tropical Expat

This blog hopes to cover what it is like living in Penang, and to give some useful information for those living here, or considering doing so, including...
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I was born and raised in Seattle and lived there for 40 years. My father and grandmother were born in Yakima, the heart of apple country. My blog name,...
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Quero Te Mostrar

Soy un expatriado originario de Brasil que actualmente vive en Medellín, Colombia, que es conocida como la "ciudad de la eterna primavera". He vivido...
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Category: Expat life


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