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Conversations with Hank is a Micro -Sitcom about a family of four living in the north of Portugal: A midwestern American Artist, a Portuguese Scientist, a...
[Hits: 37 - Added: 25-01-15]


O nome disso é mundo

Blog/podcast regarding Brazilians around the world and related subjects.
[Hits: 28 - Added: 19-05-14]


Nomad Revelations

Nomad Revelations - Travel Blog, is an archive of 15 years of travel experiences, exotic narratives & adventure chronicles to inspire independent travelers.
[Hits: 27 - Added: 07-12-14]


Mangia bene, riddi speso, ama molto

Living in Italy……the dream….. Most of the time it really can be. I love taking photos of where we have visited, some tell more of a story than others....
[Hits: 26 - Added: 15-01-15]


Moving to Portugal? Looking for work?

Moving to Portugal, CV writing Services, translation from English to Portuguese, Lands for sale, Portugal.
[Hits: 22 - Added: 12-03-09]


One Tiny leap

Hi, I'm Maria and the mother in One Tiny Leap. We are a small family on a quest to conquer the world with our toddler son.

[Hits: 18 - Added: 22-05-14]


Wild About Here

Botanical photography, design and nature adventures - in Portugal, UK and the Hamptons, USA.
[Hits: 16 - Added: 27-02-14]


Travels with my Art

Travels with my Art is a mix of artwork and musings from the point of view of an artist, photographer and teacher travelling around the world with her husband...
[Hits: 16 - Added: 04-05-17]


Helen's European Journey

2 adults, 2 cats and a caravan traveling around southern Europe
[Hits: 12 - Added: 27-01-12]



Blog voyage d'une jeune globetrotteuse qui souhaite découvrir le monde. Récits sur les voyages effectués : Australie, Italie, Espagne Portugal, Maroc et bien...
[Hits: 12 - Added: 10-03-14]


farmer for fun

Our journey learning to farm in central Portugal
[Hits: 5 - Added: 08-10-19]


We Travel Portugal

The Insightful Guide to Portugal. The main motivation behind this blog is to show the beauty of Portugal; the food, the culture, the lifestyle, while also...
[Hits: 4 - Added: 19-02-20]


Le temps d'un circuit

Nous sommes cinq passionnées de voyage qui souhaitons vous proposer plusieurs circuits dans différents pays en Europe. Venez découvrir l'Islande, l'Espagne,...
[Hits: 2 - Added: 03-04-19]

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