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This site is about an Aussie in Hong Kong who aims to have lots of fun exploring the city and learning about the culture and its people.
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Wandering Expat Family

Serial Expat mum, I take you around Mauritius where we currently live and other places we visit. Keen photographer, with an interest in culture & history.
[Hits: 39 - Added: 11-03-17]


The Hand Family in Portugal

Our relocation from Lincolnshire, UK to the Algarve
[Hits: 38 - Added: 24-02-11]

Category: Expat life


Stumble Down Under

A Cuban-American woman discovering Australia.
[Hits: 38 - Added: 06-09-12]


The Duncan Adventures

The life and adventures of a twenty something Scottish girl living in Muscat, Oman
[Hits: 38 - Added: 15-11-14]


Dear Indonesian Ladies

Addressing the issues of women emancipation and illegal sex industry in Indonesia
[Hits: 38 - Added: 20-12-13]


Going Kraut

Tanking a look at all things Kraut. From places to visit, cultural quirks, food, drink and everything in between.
[Hits: 38 - Added: 31-05-11]


Still Words

Yoga e scrittura, per una comunicazione neutrale: le avventure di un'italiana in America, raccontate come un fermo immagine tra le parole.
[Hits: 36 - Added: 09-11-13]


Sipping Chai in Chennai

An American Woman's Odyssey Working in High Tech India
[Hits: 35 - Added: 01-12-12]


A Note from Brazil

Observations and adventures of an American woman living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with her husband and dog.
[Hits: 35 - Added: 05-02-13]


La Vida Alcalaina

An account of life in Alcalá de Los Gazules, a small rural town in the Province of Cádiz in the bottom left-hand corner of Spain, as experienced by a...
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I've recently moved from Arabia to the hills of Grasse in the South of France with 4 children, 2 dogs and lots of baggage. I have undertaken a huge challenge...
[Hits: 33 - Added: 26-02-11]


Living In Italian

My daily struggles and reporting on life in Liguria. Daily entries, features on food and events, and advice on living & travelling in Italy
[Hits: 33 - Added: 09-05-16]


Inkerman in Brittany

A history of our time here in France, from buying to our present state - the ups and downs, no illusions, and a few of the quirks etc that we have encountered...
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Category: Expat life


Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy. She...
[Hits: 32 - Added: 13-01-15]


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