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East of Malaga

Do you want to find out about tapas? Look at stunning photographs? Follow some easy driving directions from Málaga airport? Try out a new recipe? Learn...
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Canadian in Riyadh

A Canadian woman blogs about her day to day life in Riyadh, living with her husband on a compound in a country she never thought she'd end up in.
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la migration de la cigogne

Chroniques madrilènes: les aventures d'une Française à Madrid et autres histoires espagnoles. Vida cotidiana de una francesa en Madrid.
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Vivere Lisbona

Il mio blog è pensato per chi vive a Lisbona o si trova qui solo di passaggio e si chiede: ma cosa c'è di bello da fare oggi a Lisbona?
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Racconti e informazioni non filtrate per chi sogna una

Hai mai pensato di trasferirti all’estero?
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Category: Expat life


Vado a vivere a Miami

Si tratta di un blog dedicato a tutti quelli che vogliono trasferirsi in Usa, dove ho raccolto tutte le informazioni utili. È completamente gratuito e...
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Les confessions d'une expat woman

A travers un tableau de bord, le blog transcris les découvertes de Fifite, femme d'expat, quasi quotidiennes de sa nouvelle vie. dans le blog vous verrez les...
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My views of New Zealand

The ramblings of a mad woman who was transported to a new country via the internet. This is the story of her journey outside her comfort zone in the US Midwest...
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Category: Expat life


Non Solo Crauti

In Italia ogni volta che dico di vivere in Germania, mi guardano attoniti e, scuotendo il capo, enunciano uno o più dei seguenti commenti:

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Becoming Brazilian

I'm a British woman who finds herself living as an ex-pat in Rio de Janeiro with a Brazilian husband and two dual nationality kids. My blog follows my quest to...
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My expat life blog in Ghana, Africa

I wanted to share my experience of how adapting yourself for a first expatriation; which are tips before and after arrival, how to find a job, what is a woman...
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Life with hubby

I am an Indian woman and married to a Japanese person. My blog talks about the everyday life of an Indian having a Japanese family.
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Finding Paris

My name is Kaitlin, and I am from Maine. I grew up there but spent my four years of college in Vermont. After graduating and earning a degree in psychology, I...
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Expatriate Housewife

Un an dans la vie d'une femme d'expat à Kiev !

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American Girl's World

A personal look into the life of an American woman who lived in Kuwait for a number of years and married a local. Sometimes co-blogging, they cover topics...
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