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The Kathmanduo

From Chicago to Kathmandu: Two Type-A go-getters trade life in corporate skyscrapers for expat adventure on the Roof of the World. Follow The Kathmanduo as we...
[Hits: 153 - Added: 27-01-11]


Mr. Smith Goes to Kathmandu

My blog comprises of my thoughts and adventures in and around the country of Nepal. We are always looking for good food, good friends and great adventures!
[Hits: 112 - Added: 20-04-10]



Il mondo è un posto bizzarro, pieno di stranezze.
[Hits: 84 - Added: 11-10-10]


A Year in Bangladesh / And travels in the region (India

A record of a year spent living and working in Dhaka in Bangladesh together with travel accounts from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India and the United Arab Emirates.
[Hits: 66 - Added: 13-03-14]


O'Sullivans Abroad

We are two educators from Portland, Oregon who love to travel, and have decided the best way to see the world on a teacher's salary, and continue doing what we...
[Hits: 56 - Added: 07-02-13]


merengue milengue?

aventuras y desventuras de una iberica profunda en tierra de saritas y bigotones. La vida desde las afueras de Calcuta, observo y me observan.
[Hits: 42 - Added: 27-04-10]


Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy. She...
[Hits: 32 - Added: 13-01-15]


Crespi Enrico from Nepal and Asia

News sul Nepal and Asia, international aid industry
[Hits: 31 - Added: 03-03-13]


Feisty Blue Gecko

Life and work of a Scottish woman living and working in Asia (currently Myanmar) – with the added complication of Breast Cancer thrown into the mix!
[Hits: 28 - Added: 30-09-13]


Shreds of a bizarre world

The world is place full of oddities.
[Hits: 22 - Added: 11-10-10]


Malacca, en savoir plus

Malacca, cette grande dame qui règna en son temps sur le détroit qui porte aujourd'hui son nom décryptée pour son Histoire unique, ses histoires, sa...
[Hits: 3 - Added: 03-02-20]


Terre de treks

Inde, Nepal, Ladakh, Perou, Chili, Bolivie, Equateur...
[Hits: 2 - Added: 30-06-21]

Category: Trekking


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