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Life in Kuwait

Everything about Kuwait that an expat should know.
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Mamme nel Deserto

Un racconto delle avventure nonche' disavventure di due mamme italiane che si sono ritrovate a vivere nel deserto del Kuwait.
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Category: Expat life Diary


Liz in Kuwait

Maitresse d'école au Koweit. J'écris ici mes états d'âme, ma vie au Koweit, mes vacances et à peu près tout ce qui me passe par la tête !
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American Girl's World

A personal look into the life of an American woman who lived in Kuwait for a number of years and married a local. Sometimes co-blogging, they cover topics...
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Educated Abroad

Follow in the foot-steps of a Stay-at-Home-Father, as his son starts formal school. Current location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Dutdot: Expat Mom's Touch on Parenting, Family, & L, a parenting, family, and expat living blog by a Filipina mompreneur-blogger-bookworm in Kuwait.
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Adventures of a Jersey Girl

Jersey; a small island in the English Channel, where cows, potatoes and curious patriotic locals called Beans coexist. I am one such bean, born and bred in one...
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This is a blog following my life both in work in Kuwait teaching as an NQT and out of work.
[Hits: 33 - Added: 06-09-13]


The Homegrown Nomad

An American expat traveling the world and doing a little writing, a little photo-taking, a little child-raising and maybe some teaching here and there.
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Collection of personal collection of Interest, experiences and creative ideas
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Nutritionista Abroad

A blog about nutrition, travel, and being a new expat in the Middle East by an American registered dietitian living in Kuwait.
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Expat Panda

Expat Panda is a space for all sorts of stories. Sometimes they are about adventure or chaotic mishaps, but often they are really just musings about a crazy...
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Category: Expat life



Daily life and thoughts on expat life, with many photographs of travels both at home and abroad. I talk about what I see, and try to include historical...
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On the Fringe

Global Gal in China and other expat tales. It's about life in China, expat memories, aviation, travel and interesting things I see, read and hear.
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According to Mimi

An Indian/Kiwi expat in Kuwait writing about her love of food, shopping, makeup and everything else under the sun
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