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An Alien in Copenhagen

Tales and rants of a misplaced Indonesian girl in the land of Viking
[Hits: 205 - Added: 19-07-09]


Here is Havana

Written by the gringa next door, Here is Havana conspires to give you a dose of what life is really like across the Straits.
[Hits: 196 - Added: 02-03-11]



Tribulations d'une française en Inde
[Hits: 183 - Added: 01-11-16]



Istanbulle, c'est le blog de Melody De Visscher, journaliste belge spécialiste des aventures rocambolesques. Depuis son arrivée à Istanbul en mars 2009, elle...
[Hits: 181 - Added: 19-08-12]


Breakfast in Moscow

I’m an American journalist married to a Russian economist living in Russia’s biggest, richest, most frustrating and fascinating city. This blog is about the...
[Hits: 156 - Added: 14-09-12]


View from the foothills of France

Some personal views on living, working,
[Hits: 145 - Added: 20-06-13]


Aphrodites Schatten ~ Zypern jenseits der Idylle

Christiane Sternberg, Jahrgang 1965, lebt als freie Journalistin in Zypern. Vom vereinten Berlin zog sie ins geteilte Nikosia wieder an die Mauer. Sie berichtet...
[Hits: 120 - Added: 30-05-12]


Une fourmi à Tokyo

Un blog journalistique dont les articles concernent des aspects surprenants du Japon.
[Hits: 119 - Added: 22-07-15]



A German's experiences in the Finnish capital. Here you find inside information about Helsinki. Find out what to do, how to get along, which places to see and...
[Hits: 105 - Added: 06-03-12]


The Turkish Life

The travels, linguistic misadventures, and observations of an American expat living in Turkey.
[Hits: 103 - Added: 09-11-11]



Life in Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a foreigner. The cool stuff, the normal stuff, the boring stuff, the happy stuff, the irritating stuff, the dutch...
[Hits: 101 - Added: 11-02-11]


21st Century Mummy

21st Century Mummy is about the life, loves and lessons of an expat mum in Singapore. I write about expat life, bringing up kids in an expat world, what to do...
[Hits: 90 - Added: 26-02-13]


An American in Dublin

The Modern Immigrant Experiene
[Hits: 86 - Added: 21-02-16]



Vision Brésil publie des informations économiques, sociales et environnementales qui ne sont pas nécessairement reprises par la grande presse francophone...
[Hits: 83 - Added: 14-03-09]


The Missing Flavor

Food and cultural stuff
[Hits: 78 - Added: 19-02-09]


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