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Cuore, cervello e altre frattaglie

Notes by a paranoid engineer moved to Asia!
[Hits: 199 - Added: 11-08-09]


Being Dutch in Asia

A blog about my experiences of working as an expat in China and Hong Kong.
[Hits: 170 - Added: 03-08-11]

Category: Expat life



Un blog qui traite de Shenzhen et de la culture chinoise...
[Hits: 130 - Added: 24-01-10]


Rentrera-t-elle au bout d'un mois ?

Un voyage, ça se prépare. Ca se pense et ça s’attend, impatiemment. On compte les mois, les jours, les heures, et une fois le pied posé sur le sol...
[Hits: 127 - Added: 04-02-14]


La vie du riz

Après avoir voyagé en Chine, à Hong Kong et à Taiwan, nous sommes actuellement au Japon en working-holiday visa pour une durée d'un an (et peut être plus...
[Hits: 92 - Added: 25-05-16]


Land of no cheese

Using pictures to understand the quirky and unexpected side to life in Hong Kong.
[Hits: 90 - Added: 13-11-10]


Milk Tea Time

Des conseils, des bonnes adresses, des astuces, des découvertes... Dans ce blog, on lit ce que c'est que de vivre à Hong Kong et de voyager en Asie (et...
[Hits: 62 - Added: 02-11-16]


Eclectic Cool

My blog is about art and design in Hong Kong which has plenty of both! I am lucky to be able to travel widely to experience the rest of the world. I am also...
[Hits: 54 - Added: 10-04-11]



Als deutscher Expat lebe ich in Hong Kong und berichte über Hong Kong und meinen Herausforderungen im Expat-Alltag.
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Category: Expat life Diary


What Could Go Wrong in Hong Kong

The description says it all to be honest, this blog explores the ridiculous experiences we have had living abroad so far. It is light and comedic with some...
[Hits: 47 - Added: 23-11-17]


Fighting the Flat Life

Alaskan girl, moved to the Midwest, moved to Hong Kong. Life as an expat, a teacher, a twenty-something girl dropped into the outskirts of Asia.
[Hits: 44 - Added: 08-11-12]



Day to day observations about life in Hong Kong from an expat who has been embedded here for five years. It comes raw and uncensored from a warped mind with a...
[Hits: 40 - Added: 08-09-09]



This site is about an Aussie in Hong Kong who aims to have lots of fun exploring the city and learning about the culture and its people.
[Hits: 40 - Added: 15-02-09]


China elevator stories

Except for sharing some of my travel stories, I also want to share little everyday conversations with you. Although sometimes really short, these conversations...
[Hits: 39 - Added: 19-12-12]


Hong Wrong

Hong Wrong is an acclaimed mix of mildly serious observation & irreverent claptrap chronicling the good, bad and ugly under the Fragrant Harbour’s fading...
[Hits: 39 - Added: 22-10-12]


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