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Guide des Philippines

Ce site dédié aux Philippines s'adresse à vous si vous penser à émigrer aux Philippines. Il regorge d'informations utiles sur ce pays trop méconnu en...
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Vivre a Mindanao...pour changer de vie

Miné et ruiné par une vie conjugale difficile, l'auteur décide un jour de s'expatrier aux Philippines. Il y raconte son expérience au jour le jour, les...
[Hits: 169 - Added: 25-10-12]


Perking the Pansies and Surviving the Expats in Turkey

Imagine the absurdity of two openly gay, recently ‘married’ middle aged, middle class men escaping the liberal sanctuary of anonymous London to relocate to...
[Hits: 131 - Added: 25-11-10]


Qualidade de Vida

Living in Brazil I am enjoying the culture, commenting on the differences, celebrating local expressions and inviting others to enjoy all Brazil has to...
[Hits: 63 - Added: 10-12-10]


Made in Laowai

La chine vu par un parisien d'origine congolaise (un noir en chine bizarre bizarre non???). Un blog drole et facile à lire. Jours après jours vener découvrir...
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A blog about falling in love with cities, streets, night life and a man that keeps you alive. I began to write this blog in the United States & now I am in...
[Hits: 54 - Added: 19-12-09]


Deutschland über Elvis

Stateless, rootless, godless and gay. The Honourable Husband is an Australian/American serial expat who lives in Munich with his Japanese husband.
[Hits: 36 - Added: 03-12-11]


Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy. She...
[Hits: 33 - Added: 13-01-15]


Barcelona Gay Lifestyle

Un blog dedicato al turista gay (e non solo) in procinto di fare un viaggio a Barcellona. Contiene notizie relative a. bar, pubs, discoteche, posti turistici ed...
[Hits: 20 - Added: 05-01-13]


Karlisworld is gay travel blog of a german-dutch adventures gay couple discovering the Netherlands & the world.
[Hits: 2 - Added: 13-01-16]


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