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My Little Norway

My Little Norway Australian in Norway
[Hits: 410 - Added: 25-06-09]


emma's house in portugal

A blog about buying a ruin, building a house and eating a lot of pastries
[Hits: 407 - Added: 01-01-10]



Personal blog of day to day experiences and emotional reactions of living in Germany as a Black American woman.
[Hits: 406 - Added: 08-08-14]


Yankee In Belgrade

Belgrade and Serbia seen through the lenses of a long-term ex-pat!
[Hits: 405 - Added: 18-02-09]


The View From The Great Wall!

My experiences travelling and living in China
[Hits: 405 - Added: 04-10-13]


Fiji Diaries

Ever moved half way around the world to a place you've never been? Me neither. This blog will be a record of mine and my family's discovery of the South Pacific...
[Hits: 405 - Added: 12-02-13]


Caribbean Girl in Cairo

Musings and life experiences of a puerto rican living in Cairo.
[Hits: 405 - Added: 01-09-12]

Category: Expat life Humour


Algarvian Delights

We first fell in love with the Portuguese approach to food and life in 2004 on Madeira. In 2013 we decided it was about time we discovered mainland Portugal. ...
[Hits: 405 - Added: 05-04-16]


Sarah Conte Philly

Sarah Conte Philly, c'est mon blog, un blog d'une française vivant a Philadelphie! Visa, travail, amours, amis, ce blog, c'est l'histoire de mes petites...
[Hits: 405 - Added: 06-11-13]

Category: Expat life Diary



With our blog InterWien, we share our tips and photos about living in Vienna. We create loads of practical info like lexicons with keywords in German, maps of...
[Hits: 405 - Added: 21-09-15]


Questa Dolce Vita

Jasmine is a (former) pharmacist turned freelance writer, foodie, and fashionista from Alberta, Canada living "the sweet life" in Bergamo, Italy. She...
[Hits: 405 - Added: 13-01-15]


Pinoy In PNG

Writing my experience in the land of the unexpected.
[Hits: 405 - Added: 22-02-15]


A Beautiful View

Travel. Opinions. Life in Korea.
[Hits: 404 - Added: 29-07-14]


A Flamingo in Italy

Exploring the art, culture, food and more of Italy in general, and Bologna in particular. This is a look at my new life in Italy as I get to surround myself...
[Hits: 404 - Added: 08-04-10]


Bons Plans Voyage au Canada

J'ai créé ce blog pour vous donner envie de visiter le Canada, ce pays-continent que j'ai adopté en Septembre 2012.
[Hits: 404 - Added: 30-08-16]


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