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je vous raconte dans ce blog mes trucs et astuces sur l’expatriation, la vie et la culture à l’américaine. Plus quelques voyages et petites anedoctes au...
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Newly Swissed Online Magazine

Newly Swissed is the online magazine about Switzerland. We cover lifestyle topics related to culture, design, events, oddities and tourism -...
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Everybody Knows This is Norway

Noting differences in attitudes toward school, parenting, cultural differences in general, struggles, language, music and anything really!
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An Adventure Abroad

Expat life from the view of an Americana after she packed up her bipolar ass and moved to Portugal. Read about it all at
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Liz in Kuwait

Maitresse d'école au Koweit. J'écris ici mes états d'âme, ma vie au Koweit, mes vacances et à peu près tout ce qui me passe par la tête !
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Ma vie d'expatriée Française à Miami.
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Home is everywhere I am

Un blog relatant mes voyages mais aussi mon point de vue sur l'expatriation et mes conseils
[Hits: 101 - Added: 09-09-17]


A Journey To Learn

La vie d'une Femmexpat, Femme d'Expat, en Ontario
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Category: Expat life Diary


My Thai friend

Expatriate life in Thailand seen through the eyes of an Englishman living happily amongst the Thai people in a small village near Prachuap Khiri Khan. A mixed...
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Angie Americana

An American teacher explores expat life and early years education in an international setting.
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sunshine and tomatoes

My blog is a light hearted look at all things southern Italian through the eyes of a British expat! I like to blog about all of my experiences here, including...
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Austrian Adaptation

An Aussie traveller turned expat after meeting a Tirolian in an apres ski bar. Now navigating the cultural change from Australia to Austria, with plenty of...
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Aventures d'ici et d'ailleurs

Expatriés depuis plus de deux ans Down Under, nous avons déjà posé nos valises à Adélaïde, Sydney et maintenant à Canberra. Nous partageons nos...
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Peeps From Abroad

Peeps From Abroad is the blog written by an American Expat, it's a travel diary turned photo journal turned food blog turned life story. Currently exploring the...
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International Mel

International Mel is your average everyday Midwestern girl. For the last 15 years I've lived in Southern California and worked in Corporate America full time....
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