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Life in Luanda

A description of life in Luanda, taken from weekly letters home. As avid photographers, almost every post has a slideshow of images taken during that week.
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Une française en Espagne

J'ai créé un blog il y a très peu de temps pour les futurs expatriés qui décideraient de se lancer dans l'aventure de l'expatriation en Espagne. J'aborde...
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Vivre au-delà des frontières

Couple d'Expatriés à New York City, nous avons pu trouver un emploi tous les 2 avant de partir, avec chacun un visa. Découvrez comment nous avons fait, les...
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New Life in Spain

Norwegian señorita who has moved to Spain in search of lots of sun (escape the hard Norwegian winter), southern-European culture, learning Spanish and simply...
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Category: Expat life Diary


Bibs, Babs, Bobs in Amman

The story of a small expat family in Amman. Babs is mum to Bibs and married to Bobs.
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Avis d'Assiette

Avis d'Assiette est un blog qui partage son avis sur des restaurants, à l'île de la Réunion et ailleurs.
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Lana in Sweden

Travel, crafting, restaurants, everyday blog is about experiencing life in Sweden as a mom, as an artist, as a person who is new to the Swedish...
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My blog is basically about my life, my experiences, thoughts and opinions from a geographical, cultural and emotional perspective. It's a work in progress, an...
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Mes récits et mes Rêveries au gré de mes voyages et de mes passions.
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Beauty of Cultural Diversity

This blog brings useful tips on how to work with different cultures and interesting interviews with expats.
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Our Global Love

A blog about the life of a boy and a girl from opposite corners of the world as they travel the world together trying to find a place to call home and the...
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Expat slow life in India is a blog for people interested in India's non-commercial issues, expat life, day-to-day intercultural family life, people who are against...
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A Wanderlust For Life

A Wanderlust For Life is a blog filled with travel tips, real expat life talk, fun festivals, delicious adventures, and other travel experiences.
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Londoneya was born and raised in England to Egyptian parents. Her pen name is Egyptianised (the word itself being half English and half Egyptian-Arabic) to...
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Jake in Japan

An undergraduate student from the USA, I am spending one year studying the language, economics, and cross-cultural communication in Japan. The goal of my blog...
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